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  1. If you have a Pressman D 4x5 you know it's something special, sort of
    what a Graflex would be if it grew partly into a Linhof Technika:
    finely machined aluminum body, close tolerances, solidly-built etc.
    The problem with these is that to upgrade to a modern lens you will
    find your rangefinder is off. The excellent Graflex.org has
    instructions for adjusting the Kalart Rangefinder, but information on
    the (better, IMO) Bolex Vue-Focus Rangefinder is nearly impossible to
    find. After a bit of looking I have found the manual, which includes
    adjusting the rangefinder for the original lens, readjusting for a
    new lens, and also info on the focusing light. I've owned and used a
    Pressman D for six years, and now I can finally use the rangefinder
    with my 135mm Sironar-N. If you are in a similar situation, I'll
    mail you a xerox of the manual for $4. Just Paypal me. It tells
    which screws NOT to mess with, has diagrams, etc. I hope this will
    help other Pressman users. Just be warned: you'll have to work at
    the adjusting process a bit (infinity, 6 feet, infinity again, etc.),
    and it may not work for very short or long lenses. Eyeballing it I'm
    guessing 90mm-210mm may be the range of the brass focus linkage. I
    CAN say that at f/16 the original 127mm Ektar has been spot on for
    handheld work, so theoretically the rangefinder should be capable of
    fair accuracy, and it's a heck of a lot easier than finding Tech
    III/IV cams that work with new lenses.
  2. Hi! I'm really interested in the manual... But how much specific is about the Vue-Focus rangefinder system? I own a Buch Pressman generic camera manual and doesn't tell very much about it. I'm from Italy - have you got the scans of the manual? It would be cheaper and faster than mailing it. Thank you very much!
  3. One of my Pressman's has the Vue-Focus RF/VF, and I think that it was a step backwards from the Kalart. And just like the Graphic it's only good for horizontal pictures.
  4. Dear Paul,

    if your offer, to send a manual for the adjustment of the vue-focus
    rangefinder, is still valid, I?ll be very pleased to get a copy.
    Please let me know how we can work it out.


  5. Paul, I am interested in a copy of the manual if it is still available. If you have a scanned copy it would be better for me since I live in Thailand. Otherwise you could ship it to my US address and it can be forwarded from there.
  6. If this offer is still valid, I could use a copy of the manual. contact me at tadhg333@hotmail.com. thanks millions, i have been looking for one of these for ages.

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