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Discussion in 'Black and White' started by james_lai, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. Could someone please post a photo of the spool that 100' rolls of Plus
    X are wound on? If it makes a difference, I have a roll of Kodak cat
    no. 802 4804.

    After an absence of a quarter century, I'm getting back into B&W. I
    thought I was all set to spool up my own film with my ancient Burke &
    James Watson Model 100 bulk loader, a 100' roll of Plus X, empty film
    cans, a scissors and tape. But, when I opened up the film and tried
    to put it into the loader, the spool wouldn't fit over the axle in the
    loader! Several tries and several muttered expletives later, I felt
    the opening in the spool with my fingertip and it seems that there is
    a flat side to it (i.e. "D" shaped). The axle in the loader is round,
    approximately 1/4 inch in diameter. I would like to see what the hole
    in the spool actually looks like and whether it can be modified to fit
    the axle or vice-versa. Of course, any suggestions would be
    appreciated too -- do I need a newer bulk loader?
  2. I do bulk load Tri-X, not Plus-x. It is possible to remove the center bit of plastic of the bulk roll in the dark, giving you a larger center opening.

    Good luck, Santiago
  3. Such a simple and elegant solution, thank you Santiago! The spool just slipped right out of the roll, and now in the light, I see that I was mistaken, it is not D-shaped but square with one corner elongated.
  4. James-

    I have plus-x loaded in my watson model 100 .The spool fits, but it's damn tight.

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