Bulit in Flash on Nikon D50 Not Working

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by vicki_williamson, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I have a D50 and the built in flash doesn't work. Has anyone else had this problem? if so, what do I do.
  2. Did it work previously & then just stopped? Has the camera been dropped? Have you used any external flash units on the hot shoe? What shooting mode are you in?. Does the flash sign appear in you top LCD>
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    I would also check the EN-EL3 battery inside the camera. Make sure that it is fully charged and if it is an older battery (as the D50 was introduced back in 2005), try to find a new battery to test the camera again. Lithium ion batteries tend to lose their ability to hold charge over time.
  4. Shun has a good point as the battery may have enough of a charge to power the camera, but not the flash as well...
  5. Also, try an all-reset. My D50, amazingly, still holds a full charge after using the same battery for 4 years btw... Of course, I almost never use it now.
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    If you determine that the flash is indeed dead there is still another option. If you really like the camera and it
    fills your needs you can buy a NIKON SB400 flash (a very tiny flash, but more powerful than the pop up flash)
    for about $100. I use one and it works very very nice. You can keep your d50 going for about 100 bucks....or.....
    use this as an upgrade reason.
  7. Thanks Everyone for the responses.
    @ Peter... What is an all-reset.
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    On a lot of Nikon DSLRs, there is a two-button reset. You press on two buttons simultaneously and it is like rebooting a personal computer. If you have doubts, you can also remove the battery from the camera and let it sit overnight.
  9. Thanks Shun!!

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