Building a system from the ground up, advice?

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  1. I came into photography over the last year for the first time. I'm one of those people that delves deep into things; I read the instruction, retain information from manuals, etc. I don't like lower end consumer anything; as a musician I can definitively tell you it is harder to learn on a cheapy guitar.
    I started out by purchasing and OM-1 and traveled out west with it. I came home with a better idea of what kind of gear was best for me. I shoot primarily wide nature shots and candids of my friends.
    Now that I'd like to go digital I have the luxury of starting from scratch. I'm having a lot of trouble deciding between DSLR and m4/3. I don't mind carrying some heft, but I do shoot from my motorcycle which may be difficult with a DSLR. Fast auto focus and stabilization would be important in that scenario, which I think gives m4/3 a nudge.
    Video is important. Very decent video, mind warping rolling shutter won't cut it. All of this was shot on lower end Canon and Lumix point & shoots on my motorcycle trips, and I'd like to keep making videos and short films with my friends:
    I was leaning towards either the Canon 7d or the GH2. But now this new Oly OM-D has popped up and really caught my interest. The 5 axis stabilization is enticing. But I don't know how to decipher the video specs to ascertain whether or not it will be comparable to the GH2. I wasn't impressed with the footage I saw from the EP-3. And I'm trying to not let the fact that I have some very nice legacy Zuiko glass cloud my decision (16mm fisheye, 40mm f/2).
  2. From what I understand, it's difficult to AF on a dslr in video mode. I'll let others more familiar with videos to jump in.
  3. I have no experience with video, but I just wanted to say that both Sony SLTs and Pentax SLRs have image stabilization just like Olympus Pens. Image stabilization is not unique to MFT. I'd have a look at Sony SLTs.
  4. A quick addition to Laurentiu's comment: Sony's SLTs, because they have a fixed mirror, can do phase-detection AF in video mode.
    So can the Sony NEXs with the fixed-mirror A-mount adapter, but there may be limitations I'm unaware of.
  5. I don't have an answer for you but I loved your video!
  6. should try dirtbiking through Cambodia, especially during the monsoon season...much more dangerous but also more fun;)
  7. A lot of pro videographers like the Nikon D7000. I believe it can autofocus while in video mode, unlike the Canon 7D. That said Trevor, you might want to ask in a real video forum. Heck, many photo.netters still shoot in B&W, so something as new-fangled as video is beyond our ken!
  8. As regards to video, I am shooting a D7000 and looking at the OM-D E-M5, so here is what I have gathered. Overall, the video looks to be pretty decent. I haven't found out about manual controls, nor if the IBIS works during video (unlike the PENs that use the software stabilization that looks like crap). So, until there are a few out in the wild, I doubt anyone can tell you for sure how well it does. One thing it seems to be completely lacking is any external input for microphones. I didn't watch your video, but for me, that is a key feature during capture. That said, I also find stabilized lenses do really well while shooting video handheld.
    As for the rolling shutter, the D7000 is probably the best one right now. I know it beats any of the current Canons, do no know about the Panasonics. Once again, the E-M5 is any one's guess as it's not out there yet.
    So, my recommendation would be a m43 Panasonic (not sure which) with a stabilized lens or two. That said, if the stabilization from the Panny lenses still works on the E-M5, I might say that body with one of the Panny lenses. And a GoPro, can't forget the GoPro.
    And as a fellow rider, it's a PITA to carry my D7000. Just takes up too much room. I would run a m43 system of some sort for sure.
  9. I have to correct something, you can add a 3.5mm jack to the E-M5 with the $90 accessory. But that also takes up the hotshoe, so you can't mount a shotgun and the accessory at the same time. You could still run a shotgun, just would have to figure out where to "mount" it.
  10. Great video Trevor!

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