Bug Reports Part 1: the list (expanded version)

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by Leslie Reid, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. **You can eliminate #6 as I found the imagery for the photographers I follow (easy to get to btw).
    But #1 Initial Portfolio View which only showed 4 galleries now shows only 1.
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  2. Mukul has asked me to add that he has also tried Opera... with no success.

  3. For what it's worth, my personal opinion as a fellow member is that this 403 error is the bug that should be the number-one priority for being patched.
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  4. With the new functions in My Library, it's well on its way to becoming the workplace I need--Nice! I've tripped over one bug, though: if I go into My Library, click on the Settings menu for a photo, click on edit details, click on cancel, and then try to change to a different gallery using the gallery drop-down menu, it registers no photos in the Library. I then need to reenter the photos view, then go back to My Library to see the images again. (Safari 10.0.3)
  5. In "Activity" on my portfolio page, the dates of comments on photos don't show up when I'm using Safari 10.0.3, but they do when I use Chrome. With Safari, I see the code that indicates that the date should be emplaced, not the date itself. Also, the html formatting codes show up in the comments, making some of them difficult to read.
  6. A bit more explanation for why a simple list of photos we’ve critiqued would be more useful than thumbnails for some of us: I do a lot of substantive critiquing, in some cases writing 3 or more paragraphs in a comment. I often need to review comments I’ve made on a photographer’s earlier work, so I need to be able to scan through a list of photos I’ve commented on to find those comments. To do this, I don’t need to see the photos themselves (though a 3/8” thumbnail would be very helpful, as would the ability to sort by photographer), and I definitely don’t need to see others’ comments or even my own when I’m searching the list. If I can click on the appropriate line in the list and land on the relevant photo, I’m happy. The reason that the current format of the Activity page is inefficient for me is that it requires me to page down through 378 screens just to scan through the photos I critiqued in January alone. I think the ideal situation would be if there could be an option on the Activities page for prolific critiquers to choose to view a simple list instead of thumbnails.
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  7. I agree, Leslie; there seems to be an aversion to simple lists now. There should be lists for comments you've made and received, follow up comments as well as a list of favorite photographers (who came up with the term "Users"?) and people who follow you. Lists worked quite well in the previous version with everything in a a single handy and accessible place. Lists should also extend to drop down menus on various galleries, most especially to the Galleries feature in my workspace. There is still entirely too much clicking and scrolling necessary to navigate this website.
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  8. Favoriting a photo appears to leave no record on the photo that it's been favorited by someone, and the photographer isn't notified. (tested with both Chrome and Safari, and I gave it 24 hr to show up).
  9. A lot of the functionality appears to have returned with the enhanced My Library view. (Bug still open for move to different gallery - 0 Photos on return). Pleasure to see things moving forward at a better pace now. There's some light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Leslie for hope and a renewed sense of getting somewhere.
  10. More info on the EXIF problem--it's showing up for me when I export a photo (link) from Lightroom with EXIF data embedded. Here's what Lightroom has:<br><br> Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 10.21.30 AM.png
    <br><br>And here's what shows up under photo details, once uploaded:<br><br>
    EXIF Information known for Upload
    Camera Make: Camera Model: Canon EOS 80D Focal Length: Shutter Speed Value: 8965784/1000000 (8.966) Exposure Time: Aperture Value: 5.7 F-Number: ISO Speed Ratings: 800 Flash: Metering Mode: Exposure Mode: White Balance: Focal Length In 35mm Film: Orientation: X Resolution: Y Resolution: Copyright: Software Used:<br><br>
    (was uploaded using Safari 10.0.3)
  11. The pdf of the rules for the contests is inaccessible. It is hashtagged to a fellow member if you copy the url to your browser... A hashtagbug? I participate for the first time and I'd like to know. Couple of bugs more: When I try to update my account information, I enter my address but when I try to save the information it reminds me in red that I have to input an address thus unable to save... Secondly, while on my workspace I can't go to my profile. I get the 404 error. Perhaps because I recently renew my membership, I don't know, but it looks like a bug...
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    For those that are logged in - there should be a "report" button in the lower right hand corner of every photo you see. This immediately disables it and pushes it into a queue for moderators to decide what to do with. On occasion a member will upload a logo and that can be mistaken for spam, so that obviously undone.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 5.13.06 PM.png
  13. I understand, but I'm not talking about individual pictures, I'm talking about the ability to hide all photos that a member may post. We can block/ignore people in the forum, but we can't block or ignore anyone's photos. I see this as being weird, because if you can find someone's forum posts obnoxious or offensive and can ignore their future posts, it stands to reason that you could be equally disenchanted with someone's photos and simply not wish to ever view output from that user again. I'm guessing that the software simply can't do that.
  14. I also export from lightroom cc with exif, and get 4 lines: camera model, shutter speed value, aperture, and iso. Library view in LR shows much more.
  15. Photos uploaded to the Critique Page are being listed in order of the date they were uploaded to the portfolio, not by the date they were submitted for critique. For example, a photo I submitted last night was loaded onto page 48 (or thereabouts--I lost count) of the critique list. Order should be based on when the photos were submitted for critique.
  16. Hopefully this is just a momentary glitch, but it looks like the wrong kind of email notifications got turned off: currently I'm receiving email notifications only for follow-up comments, and not for comments on my own photos, Ideally, this would be the other way 'round.
  17. Leslie: My position is that we have to retain email notifications of both categories of comments and replies until the Activity page is sorted correctly, i.e. not only chronological within each image but the images themselves should be sorted with images with the newest comments on top of the page. As it is now I may know from an email that I have a comment or follow-up comment but I still have to scroll pages to find the image. All images with comments not viewed should be at the top of the page. Not to beat a dead horse but Ver. 1 would be an excellent model to use for tracking comments. This is not nostalgia for the old version, this has nothing to do with modernizing software or upgrading graphics, this is about basic programming providing function. I'm still firmly convinced the shortfalls we're experiencing is because the programmers and managers are more forum users than photo gallery users (if either). Users have repeatedly explained what we not only want but need in order for this site to function. Those needs are being subverted by the uninformed opinions of management that they know better what is needed and it can only be accomplished by disorder. It's very disheartening.
  18. I've lost my library and it doesn't come back after going back to my portfolio and then to the library. I just now get a "no photos", though the names of my individual galleries are there, but no photos available in them either.
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  19. Me too. Same symptoms; started last night; ironicly right after I responded with a suggestion to another member to use my library' to post photos from portfolio to threads<p><p>IE11 on Windows 8.1
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  20. Another day, still no library. Please fix. Thanks.
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