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Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by Leslie Reid, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. In exciting news, though. the text editor is finally not greyed out (on Chrome and Linux, at the moment). So clearly updates are happening. I hope they fix the mobile thing.
  2. Just as a status update, the green "sign in" face still doesn't do anything for me on Chrome on Android (either in mobile or desktop view). Anyone else having this problem? Any news on that?
  3. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Andrew - we have a ticket open for it. I am hoping for a quick fix as this shouldn't be an issue to resolve. Thank you!
  4. Thanks! I realise you might not like to air your dirty laundry, but it would be nice if the team's issue list were visible to members so we could see what you're working on and don't have to bother you... just a thought. I'll look forward to being able to sign in from my phone again!
  5. So... don't want to be pushy, but I'm kind of hoping something that stops people from logging in with their phones (when that's the primary means I use for viewing the site) is near the top of your priority list? Still not working at the moment (unless I need to reset some cookies).
  6. I joined last June, but it appears that I didn't "set up" my name correctly. As such, I've been unable to post, send messages, etc. I've tried contacting support via email, and in December, I wrote a letter, mailing it to your P.O. Box in N. Andover, MA. Also, in June, I paid for a premium membership. So, for the past seven months, I've been an observer.

    Last month, I finally tried joining using a different email address, and I allowed my full name to be my web page address on Photo.net. I've even paid an additional $29.95 for another premium membership. Now, everything works as it should.

    My biggest complaint is the gymnastics I've gone through, and an apparent lack of response to email, and snail mail. Would it be possible to extend my membership through my "new" email address, and to cancel my old user I.D.? I'd prefer not to publish both email addresses.

    My other concern is the "time zone" stamp on posts. It seems that you use a "native" time zone, and post time stamps seem out of kilter (at least to me). Is there a way to "personalize" the time zone?

  7. Yes, go up to your screen name in the upper right of this page. You should see your name next to the words Inbox and Alerts. Click on your name and then click on Preferences. The second preference will be a drop down menu where you can choose your time zone.
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  8. Just to report back, I can confirm mobile login is now working for me again, and I can post properly from a mobile (Android) device. (Except autocorrect has been doing weird things in chrome recently, but I think that's not pnet's problem.)

    Thanks for the efforts, maintenance team.
  9. EXIF data edits also not working for Chrome browser
  10. Keeps telling me I have to be logged in to post here. I have been logged in 3X now and remain logged in!
    EXIF data is also not being saved in the Chrome browser.
  11. I now have thumbnails not loading in my main photo page and gallery pages. You can click on the missing thumbnail to get the image opened but even clearing the cache has not retrieved these missing thumbnails. Two of the images are missing thumbnails in my Portraits & Headshots Gallery. Attaching a screenshot here. 02.09.2018_MissingThumbnails.jpg
  12. Here's the Gallery view:
  13. When adding text to the bio what I type does not save correctly. Everything comes out on one line where as I cannot create separate lines of text without it coming out in one long sentence?
  14. I have tried several times in past few months to renew my premium membership, but keep getting an error message, telling me that there is a temporary problem and to try again.
  15. I can login, but I cannot view my own portfolio nor can I view the galleries including the focused views such as Editor's Picks, Trending, Photo of the Day/Week, etc... I get a spinner for all of these attempts to view images. I can access and read the Canon EOS thread, read posts, and view the photos in the weekly messages including the 2/15/18 post.
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  16. Mick, aside from the difficulties you mentioned, it appears that the uploader isn't working at all. I tried viewing images for critique without any success, and had the same degree of success trying to upload images to my portfolio. The exif data uploads, but not the images themselves.

    ADMIN, please jump on this!!!!!!
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  17. I'm having the same problems mentioned by MickSimpson. I can't get any galleries to load.
  18. Glenn, we're floundering here. Can you please get your techies to work on this?
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  19. It's President's Day. The likelihood of anything happening on such a holiday is slim. I'm not saying that's a good or bad thing or a reasonable or unreasonable thing for a site such as this, but it seems to be the way things have been here for a very long time.
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  20. Glenn is in on vacation for a few days, and our OPS guy is also currently away, no school this week, I'm trying to get a hold of them. Of course all this trouble would come up right when they leave.
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