Bug Reports Part 1: the list (expanded version)

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by Leslie Reid, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. PapaTango

    PapaTango Itinerant Philosopher

    Only for about a week was my login staying persistent. Then a few days ago "POOF" and it was back to logging in each time.

    The "Rapid Recycling" thing has returned with a vengeance. Refresh, refresh, refresh. :( The conditions for me and this happening are only caused by clicking on a notification email from PN and it launching a browser; or clicking on a Google link after a search. What, 7 months of this problem now? Someone needs to get hold of "Helpful Whateverhernamewas" and get her to solve this and a couple dozen more long-term ongoing problems. Anybody got her number, because I have the number of the "development team" and it seems to be disconnected or no longer in service at this time... :rolleyes:

    The message goes on to say that I should try my call again, or call my operator. I tried that, but the operator has been out to lunch for months now. :p
  2. We need to eliminate Lunch in the entire country. It's always lunch and then they say there's no free lunch.
  3. Sad state of affairs.
  4. Yes, I stayed login for about a month and then about a week ago or so, it't back to making me log in every time I leave and return. Just thought p.net technical staff would like to know so they can, like, fix it?:)
  5. I have been having a very hard time uploading images to my portfolio. I get a "failure to upload, file 1mb may take longer." Some of the images are up in the .965mb size, but not over. I wish I could upload!
  6. my profile page won't load. I get some script and an error message. just started today. this is the message:

    Unable to load the requested file: /app/widgets/explore/profilePhotos.php
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  7. Actually, I can't get into anyone's profile! major problem.
  8. Same here....cannot get any profile page to load.
  9. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    still clunky getting around n navigating in here isn't very intuative.

    on a tablet in the portrait mode, top menus are not visible. using landscape shortens the viewable screen so only a couple threads are visable at a time.

    when replying in landscape, the keyboard covers my editing box completely leaving menu bars exposed.

    this really stinks! a wonderful information site went stupid so it can look better.

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  10. Every time I try to go to the PN home page, the server signs me out. When I sign in, I'm taken to my portfolio. If I try to go to the PN home page to view the latest pictures, I'm automatically signed out again. . This happens again and again. Well over six months since the changeover apocalypse and you're still no closer to getting it right. You either have an unadaptable program that is simply incapable of presenting a contemporary photo sharing site or an incompetent team of designers and programmers. Maybe both. That so many basic problems still exist after this length of time is unbelievable.
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  11. When I do that, the home page indeed shows me as not signed in, but (without re-signing in) as soon as I go to any other page, I find that I am actually still signed in. Many of the non-forum pages seem to do this for me; by going to the forums and then using a different route to get to wherever I want to go, I am then recognized as signed in.

    Not saying this is not a bug because it is misleading and a nuisance — one tends to believe it when the page says you're not signed in; but circling around often saves me from having to log in. Again. (I still have to log in every 24 hours.)
  12. Echoing Julie, I just skip opening the main page of pnet. I have saved links to my own profile page, which opens with me already signed in. I also just open a saved link to the forums main page, which again, has me logged in already. But, it is still a lot of bother trying to navigate in anyone's profile page, going from galleries and individual photos, and back to galleries again, which you cannot do. I also really miss the comments we used to have at the end of our galleries. I had years of nice comments that are now gone. Lets get them back!
  13. Try clearing your browser's cache first. Worked for me with those same errors.
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  14. I'm still having to log out and log back in every 24 hours or so to get rid of the continuous refresh/spastic page jumping issue.

    Even though I'm not the only one reporting it, the powers that be don't even seem to acknowledge that it exists and claim that it must be due to an outdated OS or browser.

    I guess that running the most up-to-date version(as in this week) of MacOS Sierra and the most recent build of Firefox is "outdated" so I don't know what I can do, but apparently the problem doesn't exist.

    BTW, I am not currently a subscriber but have been in the past. If the issues were fixed to make the site useable, I would subscribe again. As of now, not a chance.
  15. wtm


    Side-stepping around the bugs, I had arrived at a more-or-less consistently "stable" use of P'net. When opening the site for the first time of a morning, only sometimes did I have to logon anew.

    Until this morning: clocking through "new posts", I was involuntarily logged-off in mid-session; while locking through a thread, I went to "like" a photograph only to discover that the like button was missing, and that I was no longer logged-on. That's a first.
  16. All the changes/improvements in PN are welcome but there appears to be no designated cleanup crew which yanks the overall rating down. And all the complaints which are still not addressed caused me to come up with an apt description of PN in it’s presently somewhat lame state. It is a twist of the German designation for corporation…GMBH. PN is like a Genossenschaft Mit Beschissene Hosen. We may as well have some fun with PN to offset all the frustration. Any similar contributions would be welcome.
  17. ~ only the first 25 photos show up in "photo" view for some members
    Any progress on this? This is making my workspace unusable....
  18. 08/31/17 I am now able to see all images...
  19. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    Uploader has been updated to a new version. Please try again.
  20. I have notices resposes from management/moderators are coming much more quickly lately. And, isn't that what we all really want, just to know someone heard our pleas for help and cares! A digital hug.
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