Bug Reports Part 1: the list (expanded version)

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by Leslie Reid, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. PapaTango

    PapaTango Itinerant Philosopher

    Surf off to their gallery. Select a photo. Should be a green button below the image that says "Follow." Sometimes it stalls, and all of the green buttons just say "Loading." Yeah, I know. Refresh your screen and hope that they load. Then try again... :cool:
  2. Tonight joy has been rediscovered here. The response time navigating forums is lightning fast! May I extend a huge THANK YOU! Although the Explore category to view pictures is brutally slow.
  3. When I first open My Portfolio link after login, I am re-directed to the following profile: Amilcar Barca (Not me obviously):
    Amilcar Barca
  4. Yes, I second that. First click takes me to Amilcar, second click takes me to my portfolio.
  5. Well at 10:30PM PST Friday Night (01:30 AM EST) Uploads are not working!! Somehow a thumbnail got loaded in my gallery but after 15 minutes it still says wait a few moments. Twice I've tried to upload this now and it just hourglasses (spins). Other web sites working fine so I know it's not me. (Chrome)
    Let me go through the whole upload process with Firefox and enter all the fields and "Save". Still no image uploaded anywhere!!
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  6. PapaTango

    PapaTango Itinerant Philosopher

    Not surprised. After a week and a half of not being able to upload at all with Firefox or Chrome (Safari worked, but can trash out the web page CSS formatting) I finally used Edge to read and upload. Suddenly yesterday, FF worked just fine once again. Now it is broken again. And so it continues to go after what, 6 or 7 months now? :(

    Try uploading with Edge or Safari, and report back on whether that worked for you or not.
  7. I can't upload a photo. It's 10.30am in Finland. I tried three times, didn't work. Win 8.1 & ie11.
  8. I also get the Amilcar Barca intruder as the first click into my portfolio and reported it over a week ago,but never got a reaction from management,,,,,but I know somebody is there as I get pestered about renewal of my subscription on a continuous basis.
  9. PapaTango

    PapaTango Itinerant Philosopher

    For a guy that died in 228 BC, Amilcar sure seems to get around. Hey, ghost in the machine perhaps? :p
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  10. I tried again, uploading an image to my portfolio didn't work. No error messages, but the image doesn't go to the portfolio. I hope someone would fix it. I tried with the latest Firefox, too, but it didn't work either with Ff.
  11. I thought it would be ok at this time, but I can't upload photos. No error messages. They just don't show up.
  12. No photo uploads still Firefox or Chrome for 12 hours now. This is getting old....
  13. No Apple or new PC browser to use alternatively (win 7-64 Ultimate) was this site sold to some company working out of their Mom's basement now?
  14. PapaTango

    PapaTango Itinerant Philosopher

    No, I am thinking Ukraine--as a web host named Hostony that I dealt with 15 years ago. No response to problems, Oh, and no mechanism to send help requests and get an answer. no answers to consistent issued--broken everything.

    Not sure, but it's far past time that Glenn or someone in authority give us some answers--and stop the BS about "development & testing teams." If the goal is to drive off old members and try to entice new ones under the rubric of a "PhotoBucket" or "Flickr" sort of drop depository--that has failed too. Things need to work to enter that market. 7 or so months now of dysfunction. There is no excuse. PERIOD.

    Where are you Glenn--or anyone else that might answer questions posed by LONG STANDING supporters of this venue?
  15. PapaTango

    PapaTango Itinerant Philosopher

    That Carthaginian finally got me tonight. After uploading a couple new prints (using Edge), I wanted to double check the appearance in my portfolio. WHOA! Now I too was Amilcar Barca! :eek:

    It's pretty easy to see what is going on. Normally, the URL chain goes photo.net/my/portfolio. But for some odd reason (mostly because something is broken and no one is fixing it) the software is inserting an apostrophe into the mix--this is how the string looks photo.net/my/portfolio' . Try this PN fans, then upon arrival insert the apostrophe as shown in the previous example and hit the return key:

    Photo.net - Where Photographers Inspire Each Other

    So its not an apocalypse for PN--just an apostrophe... :rolleyes:
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  16. Did Glenn call it a technical team...ho ho. Reminds me of the Order of the Palm awarded to Henry Fonda in Mr Roberts after the laundry room explodes in a mass of bubbles all over the mess deck and sleeping quarters. Not quite as hilarious. Tech team, got a priority list? Care to share? Can I have a banana split while we wait? How about some more babes in frills or BIFs...:) PS Finland is a modern country with high speed internet. You can not screw around with Finns baby.. I need more inspiration. Or more gin and tonic. No matter. Evolution happens. And we are entering the post inspiration era. Learn to enjoy before the comet strike and the eclipse of all eclipses .
  17. PapaTango

    PapaTango Itinerant Philosopher

    Gerry, remember how they made us crouch down under our desks--practice for when the Commies bombed the daylights out of us?

    Can't tolerate gin--mother was a gin drunk. That will cure one of any desire for the fruit of the juniper. Perhaps the team has been bolting the Beefeaters--or guzzling the Gordons? This would explain a lot--the sheep look up. Much fire in the fixit furnace, so we are told. You know, where there is fire there is smoke. Perhaps they had too much smoke. That would explain even more.

    Don't discuss evolution, especially after I have been recalling radiation and the best ways to survive it. The state of things makes me think about turning into a giant beetle named Franz. Perhaps I need some Jamesons. Half a bottle and I will be under my desk. Photos to follow, if I am able to upload them... :confused:
  18. Papa, if entreaties do not produce any significant feedback, restraint by those who have invested some years in the once highly charged up community. then an outbreak of incivility may occur. Or even, as Ltjg Roberts said in his letters to his detailer " more disharmony aboard the ship." I will hang around for a while, but I am not even sure why or for what purpose. I sign in off and on and then have to get back to a place where I wanted to post something. I think Henry Posner agreed with this small bug fix....could we not have a few coins flung out now and then. Rhetorical question. A silly season, true. Time for kahlua in the morning coffee.

    PS I have no homily to end my post, but it would certainly be XXX rated so I rely on my banal images only. Always dignity, dignity always.
    If I changed my moniker it could in fact be Tango Sierra these days.
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  19. After months of waiting for the endless litany of bugs to be ironed of the new P.net site out I still can't log in without several attempts, the site still takes forever to load, switching pages still happens at a glacial pace and I'm being auto logged out if I leave for just a few minutes. I still cannot make my photo info / titles / captions / locations stick to the images when I upload them to a new galley and half the time I set up a new gallery I'm told the gallery is not registered to the logged user???

    I can't begin to tell you how many wasted hours I've spent trying to knock together a simple gallery which used to take minutes on the old system.........

    ......and all this with p.net auto emailing me constantly telling my subscription is due soon............ after 10 years+ of subscribing and several years as non subscriber prior I'm seriously wondering if I pull the plug on p.net - it's all just too hard.....


    (still) Very Disappointed
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  20. Having to log in every time is creeping back in again. It was good last week.
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