Bug in Detail Displays for Photos

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by stevemarcus, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. The new photo display format is very nice, Brian. However, there
    appears to be a bug in the programming that results in identical
    rating averages being displayed for Aesthetics and Originality.
  2. You think thats a problem Steve. I was just given the option to move your latest upload into any one of my folders. Cool. My Pacific Northwest folder could use that! Might stand out in the Tropical folder though. heh....
  3. Thanks. It is fixed.
  4. although I did prefer the former rating system in which rates were connected to names. (-:

    Hey Vincent, I'll swap some of my photos for some of yours. (-:
  5. me too.. prefer the prev. rating system. Because it is kind of had a community effort. Photo.Net is not just about photos.. it is about a community too.... hope the owners of this site realize that.
  6. me too.. prefer the prev. rating system. Because I could go and check whether I should pay attention to my 1/1s or I should ignore them. Of course, the new system is less prone to revenge and flattering behaviours. What if the raters had the option to sign their ratings or remain anonymous? and the submitters, to see/show/take account of all, or only signed, rates?

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