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  1. I was wondering if anyone has ever taken the online courses that Bryan Peterson and
    others teach at
    If so what were your thoughts - It seems courses run from $195 and up.
  2. His excellent book, Understanding Exposure, costs about 20 bucks. You can buy one used online for even less. Its the easiest explanation of how everything works together that I've seen. Maybe these things have more detail but, if you can't learn the information you need from the book, you might as well sell your camera and get a an automatic only point and shoot or something. I haven't read his other publications but, if they are like this one, then they should be fine.
  3. Well, some people don't learn well from books, s0 classes can be good because you have someone to ask questions of and explain things. On-line classes can work, but they are based on either reading a lesson or watching a video. You do have, in these cases, an opportunity to submit questions and get personalized answers. You also work on assignments and get critiques. That is the difference between the $20 for the book and $200 for the class--there is someone investing their time in you on an individual basis.
    You might consider finding extension classes at local colleges. These are generally much less expensive but you have to attend the class at specified times. I have never taken a class that didn't have written material--books generally--and if the books were the best way to learn, then there would not be a need for schools or universities. Some flourish using only books but most also interact with others more knowledgeable to refine their learning process.
  4. +1 for local college classes. Much better feedback (and more of it, more immediately) than the online classes I've taken.
  5. some people don't learn well from books​
    There's always something that someone can't do.
  6. Great! this can be a once in a lifetime with Bryan Peterson to learn photography online. It suite to my hectic schedule. II definitely will not miss this one. Thanks!

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