Brwnie Film Development - #120

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  1. I recently bought a beautiful Browniw canera at a flea market. Whwn I finally figuered out how to open it, there was a roll exposed (shot) film inside. I'd like to get it developed just for the fun of it. Does anyone know where I can get this film dveloped? Its Kodak #120. Thanks for your help.
  2. The June, 1997 issue of Shutterbug had an article on developing old, out-of-date film. If you don't do your own, they mentioned a company in Colorado that has become a specialist in developing old films. The name is:
    Rocky Mountain Film Lab
    560 Geneva St.
    Aurora, CO 80010
    (303) 364-6444


    It seems that over half of the Oldest cameras I buy have film in them. Must be some deep, sociological meaning we could draw from this!
    Good luck with your film resurrection.
    Dale O.

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