Bruce Fraser's Real World books: redundancy ?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by qtluong, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. If you have Bruce Fraser's "Real World Photoshop CS2", is it useful to
    purchase "Real World Camera Raw with Photoshop CS2", or does the first
    book cover Camera Raw enough to make the second book redundant ? I
    felt that it was the case with the previous iteration (Photoshop CS)
    of those two books, and that for the relatively high price, the second
    book was not very useful if you had the first one.
  2. The Camera Raw book is outstanding. It goes into much greater depth on the camera raw function and control. It also fully explains Bridge. I found it extremely helpful. However, the basics are covered in the first book and if that is all you're after the second one would be redundant. I still recommend the second.
  3. I also have both books, and Real World Camera Raw gives a much more detailed explanation of the use of Bridge and ACR, especially metadata and the use of the DNG file format. I largely changed my workflow for the better after reading this book.
  4. Amazon says that "Real World Photoshop CS2" is not out yet; where did you all get yours?
  5. I found the Camera Raw book to be incredibly helpful, especially the chapter with worked examples of different types of images. Even if you know Photoshop quite well, the Camera Raw plug-in is not necessarily intuitive. However, this book does a very good job of explaining why and how you should use it.
  6. I have the earlier book, Real World Photoshop CS.

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