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  1. For some strange reason when I copy RAW files from my CF card into a
    folder, then look at the images with File Browser in PS/CS, there's
    always a few thumbs which don't show up as images in the browers, but
    rather as icons. If I open the file and make a change to it, close it
    again, it will then show up in the browser as a thumbnail. Any ideas
    why this is happening? Thanks in advance.

    Jamie J.
  2. i get that too. the only thing i've found to remedy it is to close the browser, close photoshop, then copy your files into the directory and let it finish. then go back into photoshop and the browser and try again. if you try to browse when files are being added it seems to get all hosed up. i havent had any problems since i've done this. you might have to delete the thumbs file and refresh to 'start over' if you will.

  3. Hi Karsten, that worked, thanks. I was looking at the files in the browser as they DL'd into a directory. Guess that's not a good idea.

  4. You can also select the files without thumbs and apply camera raw settings to them. And settings will work, even the camera default settings.

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