Brownie film developing

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by name_unknown, May 29, 1998.

  1. Does anyone know where I can get old Kodak Brownie film developed?
  2. What size film is it? If it's #620 it can be done at home if you have a darkroom since it's the same size as #120. If not then I would suggest Film For Classics. Their address and phone are on The Brownie Page and there is a link from here also.
  3. I was wondering,I found one of these brownie cameras in my bedroom,
    when I moved in, and I was wondering if maybe you knew of a place
    that I could buy film for it, or if they even still manufacture it
    today. please contact me.
  4. I have a No.2A Autographic Brownie camera . . . and it contains a
    wooden spool which 120 film can be put on.
  5. Please help, where can I get 620 brownie film developed. We have
    taken it to Wal-mart & Schucks, they can't do it.

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