Brownie film advance?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by trula, Jul 26, 1999.

  1. Hi! Just got my first two brownies and I am getting ready to try them out and a question came to do I know how far to advance the film after I have taken a picture?
    Thanks in advance and any other input on using this camera is welcome.
  2. Trula.........there should be a red "EYE" on the rear of your camera.
    the film will have numbers. ( I use kodak Porta 160 ASA) After
    loading the film, you will see several things roll by as you advance
    the film. The 1st exposure will sneak up on you the first time you do
    this, so dont worry if you pass it and end up on #2. I did this my
    first time. Then just advance each time to the next number. I keep a
    piece of black tape over my "red eye" until i am actually advancing
    the film, at which point i remove it to see the numbers. I do this
    so that no excess light filters in and makes a cloudy pic. the newer
    films are more sensitive (especially color)


    good luck



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