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  1. I would love to find out where I can film for a Brownie Reflex
    Camera. The manual says I need Kodak Film 127...I will be taking
    pictures out side. I do not have the flash lamp for the camera.
    Can I still take pictures inside? If so, what type of film do I
    need to use.
    Thank you for your input and suggestions.
  2. You can get 127 film in black & white or color slide from

    Go to their site and click on "film" and then "127, 620"

    I would stick to outdoor photography with the brownie and no flash.
  3. p.s.

    post some images when you get them! I have the lab put my 120, 127, 620, etc. negs onto a CD so I can upload them easily.
  4. Hi Angela...if you want to shoot indoors or long exposures at
    night, for instance, your Reflex is one of the Brownies that can be
    mounted on a tripod. I am an experimenter with exposures so I
    say go for it! If it's a still life image than a series(or bracketed)
    exposures might be needed. If it's of a person try having them
    hold very still while a long exposure is might be
    surprised by the results! They of course won't be sharp but they
    may be very interesting. I've hand held with very long exposures
    and have sometimes been pleased with the dreamlike results.
    When doing this type of photography it may be better to use B&W
    film, it's much more use the fastest film you can
    find, probably 400. If you haven't already, try going to The
    Brownie Camera Page, there's a list there on where your 127
    film is available and go to the gallery to check out some low-light

    Good Luck and Have Fun with your Brownie,


    The Brownie Camera Page
  5. I just recently bought a Brownie Camera (Hawkeye Camera with Flash Outfit) for $10 at a street fair, and I was anxious to test it out. The lens, when held open in bright light looked dusty *inside* and I was concerned. I happened to have a Polaroid camera with me, so one night in a dark room, I set up a halogen lamp (for taking a photo) then I turned off the lights, removed the film pack from the Polaroid camera and removed a single photo. I opened the Brownie camera and placed the photo flat accross the back of the camera and a CD case against that to hold it tight. Then I wrapped a dark towel around the CD case and camera to prevent light-leaks. My girlfriend then turned on the lights and did a quick pose. I clicked the shutter button and she turned off the light. Then I returned the photo to the film pack (took a little more effort than I had expected but it worked) When I reiserted the film pack, that top photo came right out and I turned on the light. It worked! A little dark and very yellow due to the lighting conditions but I knew the lens was fine! If you ever try this, really look at a spent Polaroid film pack in the light and figure out how it works before you try it in the dark, trust me! And be careful not to bend or scratch the photos or you'll get some interesting effects.

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