Brooks Institute for Viual Journalism?

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  1. So, as I'm slowly discovering what I love about photography, the more I come to the conclusion that I really am not a studio / set photographer.
    I enjoy being OUT THERE! I get super excited when I see incredible humanitarian photos from photographers such as Steve McCurry. I shiver with the idea of one day perhaps being able to work on projects for NatGeo, or again, working on projects following a hole film crew for over a year, such as this photographer did for the BBC Human Planet series!
    I NEED to be out out there! I've been fortunate enough to have traveled around the world for many months in a row... now, I want to make a living out of this! I need the people, the smiles, the connections!
    I need shots like this
    SO, I'm looking for a return to school. I come from an IT background. Been stuck inside for way too freaking long. Doing some research, I came across a program called "Science of Visual Journalism" from Brooks Institute, which to me... sounds about right. The only thing which might not sound quite right for me is the price tag!
    I'd like to know more about it. I know they were previous posts about, but they all seem kinda old.
    IS the school worth the 90K it would cost me for 32 months in visual journalism?? I would love to hear your feedback of the school if you've been there! Know a better school ?? I am free to go ANYWHERE in the world really. Please do share. Im desperate! lol ;)
    Thank you so much! Patrick
  2. IS the school worth the 90K it would cost me for 32 months in visual journalism??​
    The only answer to that question is to ask what do you intend to do in month 33? Look for work as a photojournalist? The photo job market is depressed and journalism has been hit especially hard. Freelance for National Geographic? Nice work if you can get it. If you are of independent means, I think it's a swell idea. If you have to borrow the money+living expenses you may wish to re-calibrate your expectations or shift your focus. That would be a very deep financial hole to dig with slim employment prospects post facto. Otherwise, it's a very fine school,and I enjoyed it.
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  3. Can you write? You might be better off pursuing a degree in journalism. Take photography and photojournalism as electives. I teach journalism writing at Virginia Commonwealth University and also lecture on photojournalism, not as a career, but as an added resume item for journalists. We teach "media convergence" these days, meaning that today's reporters must be prepared and equipped to provide their own photos, videos and social media content in addition to their writing. It's a different world today. I am skeptical that you will be able to find an entry-level, globe-trotting photojournalism job as we used to know it, even with a degree from Brooks.
  4. Look into Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. I am a sophomore here and love my photo professors. Phil Greer and Mark Dolan. Each year we do a weekend workshop where the intermediate and advanced class live in a city for a weekend and get edits from pros around the nation. This took place the last month of September and my coaches were Jeremy (J.T.) Lock, 6 time military photog of the year and Danese Kenon who shoots for the IndyStar as a staffer. Plus ontop of all of that we have the award winning Daily Egyptian news paper. It is something to look into. I really looked into Brookes when I was in high school and just couldn't justify the amount of money when I could go to a state university that has an amazing journalism department.

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