bronica sqa - using 120 film in 220 backs

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by mikeivnitsky, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    Is it possible to use 120 film in 220 backs?
  2. This might help a little.
  3. david_henderson


    Yes it is possible and contrary to what some might say I've never seen any material effect on image quality. There are however some consequences that you either need to accept or reject.
    The 120 film only gives 12 exposures but the back will think 24. So the camera keeps winding on and "taking" even after you've finished your roll. People often seem only to notice this when the film ends altogether and winding slackens, by which time you've already taken several phantom photographs. You need to rememember to stop photographing after 12 shots on every roll you ever take. A 120 insert will do that for you.
    Second 120 film is thicker than 220 and after a few exposures it gets notably tougher to wind. Quite what this does to the winding mechanism over time I'm uncertain, but it will be increasing strain to some degree. It might also mean that the insert becomes less able to hold 220 flat after extended use with 120- I've not used sufficient 120 via 220 backs to be sure.
    IMO 120 via 220 backs is best viewed as an emergency possibility. If you want to use 120 film consistently, well 120 backs are not very expensive.
  4. you can get a 220 back for 20-30$ and a 120 back for 100-150$. a big difference
  5. david_henderson


    a 120 back for 100-150$. a big difference​
    That's just wrong. Used 120 backs are much cheaper than that, have a look at the completed listings on eBay in both USA and UK to find out what they're really selling for.

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