Bronica SQ lenses on Sony NEX cameras!

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by mva, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. mva


    This is what I have done:
    I bought a Sony NEX-5, then an adapter to fit Bronica SQ lenses onto Nikon bodies (, then the Lensbaby ( to mount Nikon lenses, with TILT, onto NEXes, and finally a Nikon extension tube (I also have a Bronica SQ extension tube: I could use either!).
    The result is that I can use my Zenzanon 150mm as a macro tilt lens, and this is what I shot:
    Now, there is one problem, and I wonder if you know the solution. Normally, when you take a lens detached from its camera, and you set the aperture to less than the maximum, the aperture closes: as you can imagine this is very convenient on the NEX, since its LCD adapts the brightness automatically. However, I noticed that with Bronica SQ lenses the opposite happens: the detached lens (and therefore the lens mounted on my adapter) stays with the aperture at f/4. This is not convenient and if I want to keep it closed, I must operate manually the d.o.f. preview slider button on the lens. This is not nice because vibrations are amplified and my touch is not gentle!
    Do you know a remedy, a solution?
  2. Here how to do it:
    Make sure the lens is cocked.
    Pull out on the lock on the the T/A switch on the underside of the lens and move the switch to T (time exposure). To pull the switch out on PS lenses, hook a fingernail under it and pull outward; with the older lenses unscrew it, then pull it out.
    Look around the edge of the mount from the side of the lens until you see the small metal lock lever projecting from a slot.
    Push that in, and while holding it in, rotate the two cock/release pins on the back of the lens to the uncocked position. The shutter will close then reopen as you move the pins to the uncocked position.
    The shutter will stay open until the T/A switch is moved back to A, and the diaphragm will open and close in response to the aperture ring so long as the pins on the back of the lens are in the uncocked position.
  3. mva


    I have tried today, it works!
    I was almost sure there was a way, but I could not figure it out - perhaps because as of today I haven't understood what the T/A switch does. I just use the lens "normally" on the SQ ;-)
    I have used the 80/2.8 on a Nikon FM2n for some photos while wandering in town today. Nice!
  4. Surely an easier solution would be to use Nikon lenses that stop down by default? The Nikon Series E 75-150mm f/3.5 is a very undervalued and excellent zoom lens that sells at auction for not much more than the Fotodiox Bronica/Nikon adapter. Besides, if you want anything approaching a normal or wideangle view the available Bronica lenses just won't fit the bill.
  5. If the question is how to use Bronica SQ-A lenses on the NEX then how can "use Nikon lenses" be a solution??? :)

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