Bronica SQ Ai yongnuo 560 pc sync

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by qalam, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. What kind of pc sync cord do I need to connect my Bronica SQ Ai to a Yongnuo 560 Speedlite? Is it a pc male to pc female?

    In addition to a pc connector, the Yongnuo 560 has a 3-pin connector. Is that also a type of pc sync connector?
  2. Not sure about the flash, but the Bronica has a standard female PC connector into which you plug a standard male PC connector.
  3. It's documented in the manual.
  4. @ Bob Stanley
    The manual says "standard synchronous port"; it does not define what "standard" means. On vendor sites, there are a
    plethora of sync cords, and none of them are called "standard". Even Paramount, a major manufacturer of stock and
    custom cords, does not identify any of them as "standard".

    With the move to digital, many cameras have a proprietary sync connector (or hot shoe adapter) and speed lights are no
    longer uniform.

    Another Photo Net member has confirmed that the Bronica has a standard pc female connector. With that knowledge, it
    was easy to identify the speed light connector as the corresponding male connector. So now I know what to buy.
  5. Ben, you just need to look at the socket to see if it's a male or female version. The socket fitted to cameras is the female version with a hole for the centre connection. The male version has a central pin.
    Unfortunately, most flash manufacturers now seem to have "standardised" on a female socket at the flash end too. (Thanks must go to Nikon and Canon for starting this stupid trend!) This means that a normal flash extender lead can't be used, and you need to buy a male-to-male P-C synch lead. So unless Yong Nuo have seen sense and made the flash connector a male socket, you'll need a special male-to-male P-C synch cord.
  6. Female pc sockets don't get bent out of shape or broken like male sockets do. Which is why no one installs male pc sockets in equipment. Female pc sockets have been commonly installed on flash heads for at least 20 years.
    Male-male cords are intended for direct equipment connections, male - female cords were usually used as extension cords for the usually short proprietary cords supplied with some flash units.
    Ben you also asked about the 3 pin connector, which is an external power connector as noted in the manual.

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