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  1. I was not sure whether I should post this in the Medium Format forum. I need to have a 50mm f/4.5 Zenzanon PG lens repaired. Until not very long ago Tamron and Koh's repaired various Bronica items. I called Tamron and was told that they could no longer repair the lens in question. Koh's told me they no longer do any repairs and gave me the name of Camera Wiz in VA. I left my number with the Camera Wiz voice mail. Does anyone know of a repair facility working on Bronica equipment?
  2. What is the nature of the needed repair? If it is too costly, I have a working lens that I no longer use since I much prefer the 65mm for the GS. Make me a reasonable offer. I am planning on putting a lot of stuff on Ebay in the next few months including a lot of Bronica GS stuff.
  3. There's a repair place local to me (Houston, TX) that does it all:
    They're considered to be the best camera repair facility in this part of Texas, plus they have an international clientele. Drop them an email. What have you got to lose?
  4. Jeff, you could try Zacks Camera Repair in Rhode Island.

    I have not used them yet. However since Essex Camera Repair closed. I decided to send them a Kodak Retina II, that needs work done on it. It arrived there yesterday and I am waiting for an estimate.
  5. Thanks for the fast replies. John, I would be interested in your lens and if you can contact me through that would be appreciated. I will contact the other places to see what they might be able to do. I have a 65/4 PG and like it but wanted something wider. The 50 I have looks beautiful. The glass is clear and the aperture blades are dry and quick. When I put it on one of my GS-1s it just won't fire. What I have heard is that Seiko did not supply Bronica with replacement parts but only with complete shutter assemblies. I don't know whether that's right. In any case I paid very little for my 50 so if it costs something to get it working that might be worth it to me. My spare GS-1 also needs some minor work so if I can find a place which can work on cameras and lenses it would be convenient.
  6. Jeff, try Panorama Camera in New York City, West 30th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue, I go there for all my camera repairs. I believe Kayam goes there too. You will have your lens ready in 2-3 business days. 212-563-1651.
  7. Camera Wiz is Frank Marshman, a very well respected repairer of Bronicas.
  8. Koh's has repaired Bronica for me.
  9. I spoke to Frank Marshman today. The lens is boxed up and ready to go out to him tomorrow. I wrote down the names of the other repair places because very few places fix everything. As I found out when I called Tamron and Koh's, a repair place that is here today can be gone tomorrow. It's nice to know fellow photo.netters have so much information.

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