Bronica ETRS w/speedgrip and handlemount flash

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by houstonphotographics, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am entertaining the thought of purchasing a Bronica ETRS with the Speedgrip.
    I know this is a right-hand type grip with a shoe on the top for a flash.
    Problem is I wanted to be able to use my Sunpak 522 with it, but as you know
    that unit is a large handle mount flash. Does anyone have any ideas to use this
    setup easily without too much handling trouble? I could buy a 285hv, but I
    really like my potato masher flash.

  2. SCL


    If the flash has a mounting bracket just screw it onto the tripod socket on the bottom of the handgrip. Or leave the handgrip off and attach the flash directly to the camera body. I use an old Metz potato masher and, while heavy, everything works just fine.
  3. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    I used a large sunpack masher style as my grip and just use the crank. I find the double stroke hand grip to be very clumsy vs the single stroke of the crank.
  4. If you use any handle mount (hammer head)flash with Bronica ETRSi,
    you need Flash brackets like Stroboframe/Lindhal or others.With
    Bronica Speed Grip E and Motor Winder Ei you will have a built-in
    hot shoe where you can attach Vivitar 285 or similar flash unit.
  5. I love the double stroke of the speedgrip, feels just like an older 35mm manual camera. I use a Metz 60 mounted on the left side with the speedgrip on the right. I also use the Sunpak 383 on the speedgrip hotshoe.

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