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  1. Hi guys!

    My first post isn't so lucky because I have a problem with my Bronica ETRS, I bought week ago. Outdoors, where's temperature about -2 deg. celcius the shutter is not going to fire without random delay. The mirror flips instantly, but the shutter needs sometimes half a second, sometimes 2-4 seconds, and sometimes doesn't run at all.

    I have done raplacement of old lube on lens shutter rollers, pins, crankplate, and even on some parts on body.

    Nothing better is happening.

    I have reading dozens of threads and got realized, that i have a little different version of body - with the one cooking pin only.

    I have no idea if it has any connection mith my issue.
    Mayby someone of you had similiar problem, and solved it. I hope:)
  2. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    if you bought it a week ago, return it! the etrs shutters are electronic via a magnet to regulate the speeds.

    are you sure its the lens or maybe the body? try a different lens on it?

    i dont understan your statement about lubes n rollers... did you open the lens and body to repair it yourself?

    with the back of the camera open, can you see the shutter operate when you fire it? you do know a dead battery fires the lens at 1\500th?
  3. Check this century-old thread:

    Bronica ETRs have intermittent shutter misfires

    Try to check the camera with different lens attached, if that's an option. Also without the magazines. I think your problem will be similar to the one described there.
  4. I've found solution - little primitive and risky, but it works well! I use penetreting fluid (WD-40).
    I have ridden anatomy of Seiko #0 shutter to realised where is a trigger section. I detached lens, take backplayte out and use a hole in shutter cover (with aperture roller - in uncocked position) to put the tube inside. Gently splashed two times (really, really gently) and left lens on side to let oil work on stuck parts.


    After 30 mins. shutter works perfect and... aperture ring, which ran hardly now works smooth!
  5. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

  6. Thanks - i've seen it. Very helpful.

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