Bronica ETRs have intermittent shutter misfires

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by anthony farr, Jul 23, 2000.

  1. Perhaps somebody out there can help me identify a problem with my
    Bronica ETRs (that's ETR x 2, not ETRS x 1). They've both developed
    intermittent shutter failure with their magazines on. When I test
    them without mags they fire every time, with every lens. But with
    mags fitted (and still in multi-exposure mode) the shutters fire
    sometimes OK, sometimes with noticeable lag and sometimes not at
    all. Strangely, the problem appears to have arisen simultaneously
    with both cameras.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is the problem likely to be the
    camera bodies (the spring driving the communicating pin between body
    and mag becoming fatigued and not firing strongly enough)? Or are
    the magazines the likely offenders (the mechanism behind that pin
    developing too much resistance due to breakdown of lubricant or gunk

    I believe that the lenses are "innocent" because the shutter
    actuating levers (inside the bodies' lens-mounts) are sluggish over
    the last few degrees of their travel (which is when the shutter would
    be tripped if a lens was on) with a magazine fitted. However,
    without mags the actuating levers seem strong and fast.

    Any suggestions would be welcomed, please!
  2. I would look again at the lens. Your situation sounds very much like a problem I have with the PG 100 lens for my GS-1. The pin in the lens mount that moves when the shutter is released is sluggish. None of my other lenses are affected by this at all. I understand I have to send the lens in for adjustment/cleaning (about $180 at Tamron). The other factor is that a sluggish lens or shutter release mechanism is a major drain on battery power.///Dick Baznik
  3. A couple of years ago I had a similar problem with my original ETR (23 yrs old now) and 75mm lens; shutter misfired intermittently as yours did, but only with the 75mm; other lenses worked fine, but I don't remember removing film backs to check if they were related to problem. Perhaps your problem is different. My local repairman said he had seem this problem many times -- it was a small part (plate, I think) inside the lens; the plate has a 'notch' in it which can become worn and cause misfires; sometimes a little filing is all it takes (according to this repair shop) but I wanted more insurance and had him replace the part. So far, no problems. If it ever occurs again, I'll be sure to remove film backs as you describe.
    good luck......

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