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  1. I have just been given a bronica etr (lucky me) in very good and working
    condition, with two lens, my question is while i am waiting for spring time and
    nice weather to try it (its winter here in australia) can anyone tell me what
    the two lens will be like? they are a 75mm old type with 58mm filter size, and
    a 150mm mc lens, i read that there is little or no difference between the mc
    and the newer pe, would you agree to this? can't seem to find anything in
    search on this. I have only ever used 35mm before so this is a new field for
  2. thats well good! been given one!!!! i just bought one ha!!! arrrggh!
  3. The 75 is the standard, equiv to a 50mm on 35 and the 150 is the portrait lens, equiv to a 100mm on 35.
  4. Both excellent lenses in my opinion. If you want to see both of these lenses in action, click my profile.

    The Churches and Cathedrals gallery was done 100% with Bronica ETRs and 75MC. Shot on Kodak 400UC in Manual mode: 8seconds at f/11. Outdoor shots were shot on Aperture priority.

    My Civil War gallery was shot using the same camera with 75 MC, 150 MC, and 50 MC, all handheld.

    You be the judge. None of the images in my gallery does justice to the prints. I use an Epson flatbed scanner and my scanning technique is crap. The pictures are sharper, more contrasty, and have much better tonality. The web is the worst judge of print quality.
  5. The 75mm MC lens can do better than I can.

    Here is a photo from a "beater" I took on vacation.
  6. Great photo, Jimmy.

    I love the 75mm MC. It's my go-to lens unless a specific shot just can't be done with it due to angle of view or needed compression.

    The 150mm MC in my experience is soft close up and gets progressively sharper as distance to subject increases. It is a fantastic portrait lens. It is softer than the 75mm but render gorgeous textures.
  7. Thanks for that, i can imagine how your prints must look john, your right the internet is not the best place for film, but i would still like to know how the 150mm 3.5 mc stands up to the 150 3.5 pe, has anyone used both?
  8. I have the 150/4 and 150/3.5 MC lenses. So far they both work nicely. The 150/4 isn't supposed to be as good as the f/3.5 MC model. How much better is the PE version of the f/3.5 lens? I know it has more modern coating but you will probably need to make avery large print to see a sharpness difference. For portraits I prefer the 105/3.5 MC because it gets to about 3 feet. There was no PE version of the 105.
  9. PE's suppose to have better coatings, however, I fail to see it on my enlargements. The other advantage is that the PE has half f-stops, where the MC only has full f-stops.
  10. You can still just set the lens between f stops on the MC, you just don't get an index point.
  11. Indeed David but it was never designed for that and if you use a metered prism the meter won't show your halfstop in a reading like it does with a PE lens.

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