Bronica EC reliability question???

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by simeon_gaitandjiev, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Ok guys so i bought a spotless black bronica S2 2 months ago. And on the second roll the thing started jamming but i always managed to unjam it until today. As of today the camera is completely useless the shutter curtain can move and i can't use it at all. The big problem is that i live in Bulgaria and there isn't anyone that can repair it and sending it to another country for repairs isn't an option for me. The other big problem is that i already have 2 backs , a 200mm nikkor the 75mm nikkor and a 50mm Komura for it and that means i have to buy another Bronica with the same mount. I'm not gonna risk buying another S2 ot S2a because of their complex mechanics. So my choice is the EC or EC-tl because they are the last models that have my mount.
    So any opinions on the EC or EC-TL.Are they reliable. Are there any known big problems like the shutter jams on the S2. And are they good cameras in general?
  2. Maybe return the Bronica to the seller and get your money back? Or sell the whole kit for whatever you can get, then buy a camera that can be repaired in Bulgaria. Why pour more money into a system that cannot be serviced?
  3. Agree with Doug. It's now a very old system whose age is showing. I threw away an old, high-mileage S+75mm I got very cheaply that broke down after a couple years of light use. Replaced it with an SQ-B kit and never looked back. The EC models are even fussier than the old S/S2 camera. The split mirror was problematic. Given your constraints, you're looking at trying to sell it off and upgrade or trying to find another S2.
  4. There was a good reason Bronica went to leaf shutters. The focal plane shutters had issues. The S2a was the best of the bunch.
  5. I have an old Bronica EC that I purchased new back in the 70's. Functionally most of the camera still works, with the exception of the battery check light, which isn't a big issue. The problem I encountered with the camera was the foam had deteriorated and this was particularly problematic on the foam that cushions the mirror slap as it had began sticking. I refoamed the camera myself and it is still usable as of today. Refoaming a camera should be able to be done by most good camera shops, but I have no idea what would be charged for such a repair.
    The EC was a good camera for me and it did a good number of weddings. Rather iffy if you can find one in good operational condition, but if one can be found cheap enough, perhaps it might be worth taking the chance as you already have decent lenses and backs.

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