Bronica 100mm 3.5 Lens?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by bryan_simpson, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. What do people think of the Bronica Zenzanon-PG 100mm 3.5 Lens? I am planning on
    buying a used GS-1 soon, possibly with this lens. I know it is an older lens, but is it any
    good? thanks.

  2. I think PG is actually the newer lens. Well, it's an excellent lens, lots of contrast, very sharp, no surprises. However, some people skip this lens altogether and use 110mm macro as normal lens for GS-1 (but that carries additional cost).
  3. The 100 PG is the traditional "normal" lens for the GS-1. It's a perfectly good lens -- sharp, contrasty, compact, and relatively light. It was the first lens I bought for my GS-1 and I still have it, though it gets proportionately less use than any of my others (50, 65, 150, and 200). For example, my preferred "walking-around" kit includes the 65 and the 150.

    The newer 110 macro is a very nice lens, but considerably heavier and a tad slower than the 100. I have extension tubes in both lengths, so I don't feel a need to have a macro lens.

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