BRONCOLOR help needed. Unknown power pack

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by 553elx, Aug 19, 2021.

  1. Hello,

    I recently bought this power pack but have no Idea what the buttons on it are for.
    I know that the red button is the power on button, but that's it.
    Could someone identify this power pack for me and give me its specs.
    Also, the explanation of the diagrams next to the buttons and knobs would be much appreciated.



  2. Green button is Ready Light/manual (test) fire, White Button is modelling light on/off, Yellow buttons control the output 'power' to give full/half/quarter/eighth flash power in combination.

    The rotary knob controls the brightness of the modelling lights (obviously wired by a chimpanzee with no concept of a logical sequence!).

    FWIW, I last had my hands on a pack like that at college, back in the 1970s - and it wasn't new then. Also, a fellow student was thrown across the room when he unplugged a flash-head from a similar pack without discharging it first! Luckily he survived with just a bump on his head where he hit a wall.
    Just sayin'. :eek:
  3. Thanks Rodeo Joe! And it is still working, popping away those old blue flash heads....
    Thanks, though, for telling me what am I up against, I'll make sure I post a note on the control panel.

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