Broken Saunders 11X14 easel

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  1. Due to COVID I was thinking about getting back to my Darkroom. I have a Saunders 11X14 Easel that I purchased eons ago ? The bottom clip and left clip which hold the rulers are missing, so when I open the easel to insert the paper the rulers fall off. I was thinking about replacing it, but these things are quite expensive, even used. Does anybody have any ideas on how i can fix this or maybe have a work-around. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Attached is an image of the Easel.

  2. Is this a masking-frame made by LPL (Little Penguin Limited to give the company its quaint full name)?

    Or by R.R.Beard?

    Is there enough 'meat' left to screw a small self-tapping screw into? Otherwise it sounds like a job for epoxy putty or glue.
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  3. I have the same one. After you adjust it to the size of the paper being used, try some 2 sided tape to keep it from flapping around when sliding the paper under it. I hope you find a way to work around it. I don't think the prices of a replacement will be coming down anytime soon.
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    Maybe if I drill 2 small holes in the arm itself where the clip use to be and attach some type of wooden block with some screws. But the head on the screws would have to be totally flat so as not to rub against the frame ?
  5. That should work, but it might be easier to fashion a new clip out of metal. If you have some tin-snips you could cut a tin lid into strips with pointed tangs on the ends. Fold the tangs into the existing slots in the rule using a small screwdriver or the like, and Robert, as they say, is your father's brother.
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  6. I thought about that, but then why did they come off in the first place ? The newer Saunder Easels are better engineered, but have way more plastic.
  7. I found a work around for my Saunders 11x14 Easel, but it was a huge PITA !

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