Broke my Canon G9 .. should I send it? ..where?

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  1. I was standing on a ladder taking a product shot - and promptly fell off (there's a tag on the top step that says; 'Do not stand here' ..dumb sh/t..) and the G9 hit the turf from about 5'. It must have landed on the snorkel because it will not retract and I get a test message in the screen about a 'lens error'.
    So.... do I send it off to a repair shop, or out with this week's trash? Perhaps one of you have have been thru this before... I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  2. I am almost certain it would be cheaper to buy another used G9, than to have yours repaired. On the other hand you can send it in to Canon Service and they will give you an estimate how much it would cost to get it repaired. Nothing lost other than shipping charges.
  3. Jim, <br> <br> You can call 1-800-OK-CANON for their technical support team to find out the nearest service center to you
    or you can go to: <br> <br>
    act=OnlineRepairBookingAct&fcategoryid=222&modelid=17624 <br> <br> As Juergen said it might be cheaper to buy one if
    not under warranty, but it won't hurt to check. <br> <br> Mark
  4. Canon has a loyalty program that gives you a 6 month unconditional (supposedly) warranty.
    I sent in my old S230 and Got a G9 in its place for half the cost of a new one at the time.
    They G10's may in in circulation now on that program.
    Do a search for "Canon Loyalty Program" for a phone number and details...
  5. I got a discount on a new Canon scanner when the old one went. (I was still somewhat annoyed because I felt the old one could have been made useable if I could have talked to a knowledgeable Canon software person.)
  6. It looks like its time to get a G10 ;)

    Anyways, I am a Nikon shooter, however I have some other Canon things. Their service is outstanding, I'd say its worth a shot to at least give them a call.
    Sorry to hear about your camera.

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