Brightest WL focusing screen for C330?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by carolynphojowork, Jun 29, 2001.

  1. I'm starting to use my 30-year-old C330 again, and would like to
    replace the focusing screen with something that will better
    accommodate my changing vision: i.e., aging! Actually my vision
    is pretty good, but I'd like to get the brightest, easiest to focus WL
    finder screen available.

    Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.
  2. Carolyn,
    I have not tried the after-marked bright screens, and cannot comment on how easy they are to focus, however another alternative is the waist level 3.5X magnifying chimney described here in section 6.4.4 and 6.4.5. It eliminates all the stray light which sometimes makes focusing so difficult on these old screens.
  3. I've tried most of the bright screens, and like the ones from Bill Maxwell the best. His are very bright and contrasty with even illumination across the field. You may want to opt for the split image as an aid if you eyesight isn't 20 20 these days. Bill can be reached at 404-244-0095
  4. I have a beattie. It's nice, but I really don't think it makes focusing easier. I think it makes composition easier.
    I also have one of the 3.5/6x finders that was also mentioned here. It's really nice for focus. Both the 6x and better light shielding make a difference.
  5. I've never used a Maxwell, although I hear they're good.

    I have a Beattie with a plain grid, and the difference is astounding. It's an outrageously expensive little hunk of plastic, but it's worth it. I'll never go back.

    Just my two cents....
  6. I have a Beattie (2 actually) with a split image. The image is much brighter. I almost always focus with the split image.
  7. Maxwell screen. Cheaper than the other two, and it's the best balance between ease of focus and brightness.
  8. If you have the older "double-action" W/L, try a newer single action -- it can make a world of difference. The screen is no brighter but the single action has much better baffling and much less stray light falls on the screen. If you have a selection of lenses, then you know that different lens seems to focus easier (I think my 65mm "snaps" into focus much more cleanly than the 80mm - plus the 65 has a greater depth of field and is more forgiving).

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