Bridge Run

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  1. Cooper River Bridge Run: X-Pro2 with 23 f1.4 DSCF85424.jpg
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  2. AIDS run . . .

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  3. I'm sorry, Andy. Not all of us can go to South Carolina, but I found this picture of some guys running across a bridge.:)
    013a Corredores-Puente NikonF2AS-NikkorQ135.jpg Nikon F2AS. Nikkor-Q 135. Tri-X 400. D-76 (1:1) 9' 45" at 20ยบC
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  4. All I gots is a bridge, with pedestrians
    FED-2 w 50mm Industar 26M - Ektar 100
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  5. tillikum-4.jpg
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  6. [​IMG]The final climb of the bridge by Tom Yin, on Flickr

    The 50 km Birkebeiner ski race ends on Main St in Hayward, where they build a bridge over the highway so the racers come down to the finish line from the top of the bridge.

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