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  1. Hi -- I haven't been here for months, but I need some help figuring out what is happening with Photoshop and Bridge. I'll try to make this clear, but please keep in mind: I'm self-taught and have huge gaps in my knowledge.
    This is in regards to Photoshop CS 5. Recently, when I upload images from my CF card something happens between Bridge and Photoshop and the image resolution changes from the set 244ppi to 7.5ppi. In Bridge the metadata reads correctly at 244, but once the image is open in Photoshop it shows as 7.5. This is a new issue and I have not consciously altered any settings. (I say consciously because there is always the chance I accidentally altered some setting) All new images open at the lower PPI. I shoot in RAW format and edit in Bridge before opening the image in PS. I have used the same procedure for several years and have never run into this issue before. I work on a Windows 7 desktop. My cameras are Canon 5D and 5D- Mark III.
    I hope I've made the problem clear, but if not, please let me know what other info will be helpful. Thanks for any help.
  2. PPI or DPI only matter when printing or displaying an image. The only thing that is important is that the size in pixels of the image stays the same. If it is important to you, you can usually re-set this number, and it has no effect whatsoever on the actual size of the image in pixels.
    If the camera takes 3000x2000 pixel images, then the imported image should also be 3000x2000 pixels, regardless of the PPI/DPI.
  3. Irene, you're not actually editing in Bridge but in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). If you look below the image screen in ACR you'll see a line of blue text listing information about the image, including the dpi. Click on that line, and you'll open an adjustment panel where you can change the dpi to anything you like up to a max of 999. After you move the image into CS5, then you can got to Image>Adjustment>Image Size and change the dpi to a larger number if you like. Careful, though: If the Resample Image box is checked, the pixel size of the image will change when you change the dpi, and you may not want to do that. It just takes practice...
  4. Thank you, William and Larry. I'm not on my desktop right now, but when I get back to the office I'll take a look at what you suggest. I'll probably then have more questions -- it's always a learning experience. Thanks again for your prompt help.
  5. Thanks again for your help. If I understand correctly, the alteration in the import resolution is meaningless. I'm not editing in Bridge, but in ACR. I can wait until ready to print the image before adjusting the DPI. I'm not sure when the change occurred, or why, but it doesn't seem important to overall image quality. At any rate, I haven't seen any change in the final image quality as long as I set DPI appropriate to final image size. I spend my life being confused by stuff like this, but thankfully, there are always people here to set me straight. Thanks again!

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