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  1. Hi guys,

    Im currently dealing with a bride and groomzilla from the renewal of their wedding vows 2 years ago.

    I gave across a complete edited set of 1900 photos.
    I made perfectly clear at the start up meetings that I was just starting out on my own. And they accepted that.

    On the day I had some issues before I even got to the venue 15 minutes late for the prep shots.
    My motorbike was stolen and I had to deal with the police, insurance and recovery companies.

    I had two options.
    Give them a refund and they have no one to cover the day.

    Or turn up 15 minutes late and cover the day.

    I turned up and covered the day.

    Now out of the 1900 images. 500 were fully edited and at their best of my ability at the time.
    Yet now they are claiming two years on none of them are edited.

    A few duds crept in through my culling stage and they are the images they are showing around whilst slating my business name and threatening court action.

    The accusations are that the photos were unedited.
    They did not get the service they expected.
    There were no posed shots.
    The images look grainy,
    Theres harsh lighting on some of the faces.
    There are photos where people are blinking.
    They are chasing me for the images to be re looked at or a full refund.

    Now I don't mind having another look over them as my ability now is a lot better than it was back then.
    But got the groom constantly messaging with things like "Tick Tock Times up where are the images". As when spoken to them last night i said i would get a selection across to them tonight which im currently uploading.

    I know that I would win a small claims court due to factors outside of my control.
    Not being able to use flash in really dark room due to the rules. So had to bump the ISO right up.
    There is over 100 posed shots.
    Extremely harsh lighting coming through windows and lighting up a bald head.
    Background sky not having much detail in the sky due it being pure white even by the naked eye with very harsh lighting.

    Are there any photographers out there who can assist with advice on how to deal with them.
    Im happy to look over them but not where there is harassment coming in.

    Apparently the brides "instagram" filters make the photos look stunning yet they look awful.

    The issue was a Photo Booth that was agreed to be set up. However, the couple never mentioned it to the venue so there was no where available to set it up so could not do that yet there was no extra charge for having the booth.

    Just needing some more advice.

    A solicitor has said that it is borderline harassment at this moment in time.
    But that the images given will satisfy a small claims court including the circumstances.

    Its just a confidence booster to see if anyone else can help
  2. PapaTango

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    Screw them. Do not put one iota more effort or concern into this. Time to move on and take it as a lesson to include in agreements a limitation clause of say, 30 days right of inspection and then the product is deemed accepted. :)
  3. Seen this before, a couple out trying to score free photos and quite possibly have done this kind of thing in the past. Makes me wonder if they are trying to make life difficult for the other vendors involved. If you have delivered everything as agreed then move on. So you were late arriving under the circumstances given well, things happen and sometimes can't be helped. Having a problem couple or other customer like this is inevitable.

    Rick H.
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  4. Sandy Vongries

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    If it goes any further state that you have a solicitor, will go to court , but if it comes to that, there appear to be grounds to file on their harassment as well. Costs to them could be substantial. They have the images and you have bent over backwards to satisfy them. I assume you are in the UK, if so you might even be able to get an order requiring them to leave you alone. Not certain about that, but following UK media - seems as if you can get a restraining order for many lesser things!
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  5. Thanks Bud. Im just worried about my name and reputation. Ive built my self from the ground up. Fully self taught. I offered as a gesture of goodwill so I can show others if asked in future about their comments and opinions.
  6. That's what im thinking as they had issues with the caterers and the DJ on the day.
  7. Thanks bud I have spoken with a solicitor who is also a photographer. He said the images in parts were a bit basic but suit the needs for the price charged and the amounts satisfy what is usually expected. Ill create a gallery and share the login if anyone is interested in checking them?
    But I am definitely looking into harassment if they carry on as they are.
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  8. 1) What was in your contract? Did you deliver what was in your contract? If so, then there is no legal recourse they have.
    2) If they choose to go after you in "the court of public opinion" I would watch out that they are not making any claims which are false, slanderous, or libelous. If so, sue THEM.

    You might have to endure a bad review. Just get many, many more good reviews to overshadow the bad one. That's really all you can do, IF they merely give an opinion. Again, if they lie in an attempt to hurt your business, that might be legal grounds for suing them. So, let them threaten a court case. If your contract is solid, and you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. And, if they're talking about going to court, cut off all communication that does not come from a solicitor.
  9. From what you say, you have a case.

    Then again, we have not heard their side of the story. As you were just starting out at the time, just maybe your photos were not what they could have been. You do seem to have more than your share of excuses. Amateurs can make excuses, pros do not. Regardless of who is right and who is wrong, your reputation comes first. Hard as it may be, do your very best to satisfy them even if it does cost you something. The business you are in relies on word of mouth. Ten good reviews won't make up for one bad one.
  10. William Michael

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    Where are you located?

    and "small claims court" don't match any location with which I am familiar.

    Not withstanding that, if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't go down the path of litigation for 'harasment', especially if you are in an 'English' (as opposed to USA) based country. It is too difficult and tiring - if you have a Solicitor's advice then take it - based on your side of the story being factual, I suspect that he or she suggests that you simply ignore them.

    In short if you are confident in your side of the story - then do what Papa Tango suggested.


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