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  1. Where does the Groom stand in formal photos and family group shots? If you are
    looking directly at the photo, legend has it that the groom stands on the left
    because his sword is positioned on his left hip and when he needs to protect his
    bride, he will unshield his sword. That's the reason why he stands on the left.
    I have seen the bride oppose to that theory and she wanted the groom to stand
    on the right. Who's right and who's wrong and what's the story behind it all?
    I think is has to do with the culture and religion maybe? Any insight? Thanks.
  2. Is your groom wearing a sword? :)
  3. If it doesn't make a difference to the bride and groom, then it doesnt make a difference. Wherever he fits best within the particular group of people he will be posing with.
  4. Well, the groom does traditionally stand on the left of the bride during the ceremony, so if there are no other considerations I tend to put the groom on my right as I'm shooting and when I do the entire wedding party, generally the ladies are on my left and the gentlemen are on my right.
  5. I tend to put the groom on the left and the bride on the right...I am in a rut. I have tried to switch it out but for some unkown and not any logical reason it does not look "right" to me. So back to groom/guys on left and bride/girls on right.
  6. Funny.... I put the groom on the right (when I am facing them) and the bride on the left in the church. This is how they always are for the ceremony. Bride and bridesmaides on the left, and groom and groomsmen on the right. I think it has been this way at every ceremony that I have done. That is how I ALWAYS postition them for formals in the church.

    But, outside I put the groom on the left a lot of the time.... hmmm... never thought about that before....
  7. As I'm facing the couple.. I usually put the groom at the bride's left. That is if I see a problem with his boutineer. 90% of my couple shots are done like this...

    The reason? Because I don't like the flower on his lapel to interfere when they start moving around for me.. If she's a little in front of him and shorter and/or if she leans into him - the flower will be sticking out behind her head and so on.

    If I'm not seeing a problem with it..mostly when doing group shots.. It doesn't matter which side he's on but I so see that they often naturally take that position. I let people get together naturally and only move them around if they get in a straight line ;-). I hate straight lines..
  8. For the formals, traditionally, the groom is on your right as you photograph them. This will put his boutonieer on the outside away from the bride. You can mix it up if you'd like...but traditionally speaking, this is the position.
  9. Don't know the "real" reason but as you're looking at the photo, groom on the right of the bride is traditional, as David's photo. Some Jewish weddings are the opposite (in coordination with how they stand during the ceremony). And I don't know why gown designers, if they design an asymmetrical gown, put the design on the left side of the bride, where it is all hidden when she stands in the traditional spot next to the groom.
  10. I agree with David as this is the position that the minister will usually suggest and the wedding coordinator also.
  11. I don't think it matters either, except for jewish weddings, but I always have the boutonniere closest to the heart, therefore I like to see that in the photos. They spend money for them so I figure it should be shown as much as possible. Legend also has it that it is VERY IMPORTANT for the bride to eat a rose, something to do with the smell, if she feels faint, therefore is must be placed closest to his heart. If you believe this story please buy me a digital back for my hasselblad. I have plenty more to share. As you can see from the photo the bride did not faint and tipped me $300 for saving the wedding day. (also a story}
  12. The first paragraph was the truth why I like to photograph, closest to the heart style.

    If I offend, outraged, or simply made someone not laugh, with the other not so witty paragraphs, please let me know and I will stop taking those silly pills the doc makes me take.
  13. as you look at the couple the groom should be on the LEFT a traddition has it . I agree with Jamie Blue that it doesnt look right the other way round
  14. For all those who say the groom "should" be on the left...

    I looked on the web at the wedding gurus such as Monte Zucker etc...
    (not that I always agree with Zucker's stylized shots but he is probably one of the top photographers in "studio" - proper portrature).

    I noticed that most of the time the groom is on the left and sometimes on the right.

    I would guess there is no absolute answer here...Just what you prefer.

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