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  1. I am in the process of doing a pricing brochure to bring my
    enlargements and albums together as a one price item. I have priced
    according to size and in turn number of prints. For an example, the
    price of my 40 page "house" album. The album consists of 60
    enlargements of various sizes (maximum 30 10X10), with 31/2X5, 4X6
    and 5X5 (5X7) filling out the album. My average per page cost
    (including page, top mounting material, protective coating, and
    enlargement) is approximately $12.00 (Canadian), while the album is
    $97.75. My cost, therefore calculates to $577.75, before I include
    my time. I have calculated a markup and time expense and am selling
    it at $1149.00. I feel I am getting much better at understanding the
    world of pricing and am miles ahead of where I was just two months
    ago, but I am always wanting to make sure that my estimate is in
    keeping with market value and that the profit margin is where it
    should be. Just curious how others go about the album issue.
    Thanks, Sean
  2. Maybe I am a little too detailed in my question. I am basically asking if there is any formula on markup when it comes to albums?

    Thanks again, Sean
  3. Your going in the right direction. I figure out my cost as you've done. Then I decide how much my time is worth and then I double it... Overhead. There is always room for discounts depending on the size of the order.

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