Brian, a big thank you for your changes to the TRP!

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by robertbrown, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. I just wanted to post a public thank you for making some changes to
    the TRP. While the photographs may not be better (I have a
    suggestion to improve that), it is certainly a much fairer way of
    doing things. I, and many other dedicated PN users, are very happy
    to see a wide variety of photographers and photographic styles now
    being featured. Bravo!

    And for those who like to mate rate, they can just click on average
    and pretend nothing has changed, though I'm sure the mate rating
    brings far less satisfaction than it did before.

    One suggestion to improve the top rated page is to make sure all
    photos get their fair share of rates in the RFC. If people (friends,
    fans, mates) rate outside of the queue, it shouldn't count toward
    their RFC quota. I see many semi-popular photographers with only 3
    RFC rates vs. 13 rates total. People should not be penalized for for
    being popular, just as they shouldn't be rewarded for being popular.

    Thanks again Brian for listening.
  2. Yes. The diversity is engaging.
  3. One big difference I have found is that most of the images you click
    on the front page of the TRP have at least one really useful
    critique. For someone like myself that doesn't know too much, that's
    really useful stuff.
  4. I want to say a big thank you for the increase in diversity too. Well done.
  5. HERE! HERE! clap, clap, clap!
  6. yeah it's more open than before<br>
    hip hip hourra for Brian :-D
  7. M. got there first - I wanted to comment on the diversity too: very refreshing!!
  8. I'd like to add my applause as well!!!
  9. well I certainly like it. I opened TRP and BAM! one of my photos was there on the FIRST PAGE!

    I was thinking about what kind of chips to have at the party.

    Yeah, I'm a dork.
  10. I agree.

    However, remember the Red Queen - she had to keep running, just to remain still!

    Regards, Nicholas.
  11. Do not know how it works, but doesn't matter. Just get out and enjoy making images. Calvinball is working, that's for sure. ^_^
  12. Thanks for the change nice to see a wide array of photos.
  13. And of course, a tip 'o the hat from this seat, too. I'll send you a case of beer, Brian, if you like (I may drink a few for all the complaining I had to do, but I will send it).

    A toast, folks, to diversity. <chink>
  14. Yes thanks Brian. This site just became much more interesting and in the process more fair...
  15. The first pages are amazing (now). Good work!

    Somehow I have the feeling that this isn't going to last. Let's hope it will.
  16. And my .02 cents as well, Brian! Thank you! Don't know how it works, or care - but that it works is clear :) The TRP is really interesting to look at now. Bravo!
  17. Just to thank you and say how much I'm enjoying the front page and rating again. Real photographers now have a chance of getting exposure on the TRP and will be inspired by it. Long may it last!
  18. one of the frequent complainers I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the changes you have made. Bravo.
  19. I'm a little confused. Has the TRP really changed or did PN just change which page comes up on the front page when you select "Top Photos"? I think this was discussed in an earlier thread. I believe it was confirmed that they changed the selection in the "By" drop down menu to "rate recent sum" from "Average". Is the "rate recent sum" selection new? Or have we had the choice all along to select this ourselves? Whatever the answer, it is refreshing. I have occasionally used the "Period" & "By" drop down menus to view different arrangements of images, but I agree, I like PN's new choice of front page. Insightful change.
  20. WJT

    WJT Moderator

    Looks good...hope it lasts. Thanks Brian..
  21. Jayme,
    I think those additional options arrived a month or two before the
    "Rate Recent Sum" became the default. At least, that's when I first
    noticed them.
    I also get the feeling this is a tempory thing though don't know
  22. Bravo! Brian noticed, waited a little while and then took action.<p>The result is interesting and make it worth again having a look at the top photos page (at least at the one that pops up when we first click).<p>Congratulations!
  23. While I respect, the views of all the people here, I fail to see how a default "Rate Recent by Sum" it more interesting or better. All it tell me is that we have added some randomness to the photos being shown on default page on TRP. For example a mediocre work getting 12 ratings of 3 & 3 will show up before a better executed photograph of getting 5 ratings of 6 & 6. If our intent was to add randomness to the process, them why not select a fair random algorithm and display the photo on default TRP?
    I know this is may make me unpopular, but I for one don't believe that I am seeing more interesting photos on the default page of TRP. All I am seeing are some good photos, mixed with some random mediocre work inserted in between. Did I get my assesment wrong?
  24. Jay, I agree with some of what you're saying. The current default view is a BIG step in the right direction, but I feel it does need some minor tweaking. You're right, of course, in your example about using the sum rather than the average - many highly ranking photo's are floundering on the lower pages due to not receiving as MANY rates.
  25. I have to say, I got a mighty big, petty chuckle out of hitting "previous" on the TRP page and a notorious mate rater who always has one, two, or three photos on the front page, with several pictures on the last page, and to be honest, they the images looked perfectly in context with the others.
  26. Jay and Mark, at the end of my post that started this thread I noted that the system needed to be tweaked so that popular photographers aren't penalized for being popular:

    "One suggestion to improve the top rated page is to make sure all photos get their fair share of rates in the RFC. If people (friends, fans, mates) rate outside of the queue, it shouldn't count toward their RFC quota. I see many semi-popular photographers with only 3 RFC rates vs. 13 rates total. People should not be penalized for for being popular, just as they shouldn't be rewarded for being popular."

    I'm sure Brian can take care of this fairly easily.
  27. Robert, I know about this issue. I decided to hold off on dealing with it, so that people will unlearn the behaviour of jumping in and giving their friends high ratings as soon as a photo is submitted. I'm not only interested in the default TRP view, but also in the other views. At present, this does indeed penalize the photo of a person with a lot of friends since their ratings will cause his photo to drop down the Rate Recent queue much more quickly without getting 10 actual RR ratings. Once the mate-raters get a little discouraged and realize they are hurting their friends by rating a photo before it has received 10 ratings in the RR queue, I will fix this problem.
  28. Brian, you are a noble man, I salute you!

  29. Well thought-through and executed, Brian. Thanks again.

    I wonder if they'll actually figure out that more rates drop the image down the TRP? I'm not sure I'd have put that together. But then, I am lousy at math...
  30. Whatever exact formula Brian uses to arrive at Rate Recent Sum, I don't know. Certainly this "Rate Recent Sum" filter is interesting and varied, but Jay has a point about it may not be "better." Well, for randomess sake and to further satisfy more members, how about changing the TRP criteria every other day. Today may be, "Rate Recent Sum," tomorrow will be, "Ratings," next day is, "View," then, "Aesthetics," etc. Now that would really be like a box of Cracker Jack. Life is like a box of chocolate, like Forest said.
  31. Wilson, that sounds like perfect random will please everyone some of the time! In fact, we can go one step further and randomize the whole site...Click on a button and you never know what page will pop up. But, then they will have to release a special edition of Forest Gump with the quote - " is like a box of choclates..." LOL!!!
    All kidding aside, here is my proposal in a different thread: Other then yourself, who do you admire?
  32. Brian, I joined the outing campaign to get this sorted and you have certainly delivered and some... But the mate raters actually inadvertantly downrating each other is pure genius.

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