Breaking into the Professional Wedding Photography Business

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  1. I would like to get into the Wedding photography Business. Can some
    professionals out there point me in the right direction on starting
    up this type of business? What books are available that discuss this
    profession (job costing, fees, typical photos taken, etc...)

    Thanks for your help,


    PS: Everyone has to start from a base point.
  2. Wedding Photography: Art, Business, and Style by Steve Sint is probably the only complete guide to wedding photography available; from business to developing a personal repertoire, written by a truly artistic wedding shooter. Well worth the money.
    Best of luck!
  3. Go to and read what clients are thinking and asking.
    (You can go to a site specific area for where you will be doing business).

    There will probably be links to other wedding photographers in your
    area, and you can look at their work and get some idea of pricing range for
    their level of talent.
  4. Documentary weeedings (by Stefanchik)
    Unfortunately, 99% of those wishing to "break" into wedding photography do not possess the necessary photographic skills, and so this reference by necessity has to remain an abstraction, rather than a practical guidance, in their commercial photography.
    I suggested this site many times, and alsways met with an awkward silence. Would like to hope that does not happen in this case.
  5. Also take a look at The Art of Wedding Photography by Bambi Cantrell and Skip Cohen.
  6. My two cents: A professional, Mamiya-carrying, art-school graduate photographer friend of mine has been a photo assistant for the past couple of years with some successful wedding photogs in NYC. If you're able, try for these gigs and learn about it from the inside before breaking out on your own. The photogs have been very forthcoming with advice and suggestions for him to break into his own, though since he's in another city, he's not competing with them, either.

  7. Obviously you need to have an eye and feel for people photography to begin with... Suggestion to become an assistant to a wedding photographer is invaluable. Also take seminars by some of the above mentioned names like "Bambi" at NYC Photo Show at the Javitz Center. It is usually the last weekend of October or the first weekend of Nov. Find a wedding pro in your area that 1) you admire the work 2) Does the kind of style you'd like to do eventually 3) Someone who you enjoy personally. You can offer to work for free - but most will pay you. Good luck. PS - I've been doing wedding work for 12 years and I started by working with a pro for two summers. It can work!
  8. Learn by assiting,and try to aquire some samples to show.Then learn marketing & sales.The job is 90% sales,the other half is shooting pictures!

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