Braun Paxette.

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by juan_bonet, May 16, 2006.

  1. Yesterday, my mother gave a present to me. It's a Braun Paxette
    first type, from 1950!!!
    I never had seen this camera and I like it very much.
    I'm very interested in the light-meter that it have.
    How it works?
    I think that it don't work in my camera, but it's very interesting.
  2. My Braun Super Paxette I with the Staeble Kata must be one of my cutest cameras, but the images it produces are pretty poor. The pictures lack sharpness and contrast, and the lens is VERY flare-prone, even with a lens hood. The built quality of the camera is also not so hot and mine makes visible scratches on the film emulsion. The "light meter" in your camera is probably an optical extinction meter.
    Manuals for the Super Paxette (with the a coupled rangefinder, but otherwise very similar to your Paxette) can be found here and here. But I don't know if it has the same kind of extinction meter (if any).
  3. I think that my Paxette is the first type.
    Trought the hole for the light meter, I can see very clear the 1 to 6 numbers, but I can see very poor the others.
    I've tried to see trought the hole with sun light, but ever I only can see clear the 1 2 3 4 5 6 numbers and the others are dark.
  4. I had a Paxette that I sold about a year ago. I liked it a lot. It didn't have a meter, I used the sunny-16 rule. I took this photo with it, downtown Philadelphia, across from city hall. A giant game piece...
  5. Very nice pictures!
    I like this camera.
  6. I bought a Braun Paxette llM whilst serving in the RAF at Aden (now Yemen) in 1956, it cost me all of ?15 sterling. I still have this camera with the Staeble-Kata 2.8 lens. Prontor-SVS shutter. The 2M didn't have a meter but it did have an uncoupled rangfinder and removeable lens with the leica thread. It is still in it's original leather case

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