Brass film casettes

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  1. I have a pair of brass film casettes still loaded with Agepe FF Dokumentenfilm (expiration date Aug 1969) still in the aluminum two roll can. I recently developed another roll that had been partially exposed and know it fogs so using it is out. Should I throw out the film so I can reload the casettes with 50 ex loads (I have a IIIs--purchased in 1968 for $45 by the way--and a late B) or should I sell them on eBay and buy ten or twenty plastic ones from Minox Lab. As you can tell, I am not into collecting Minox, I like to use it.
  2. Dont throw out the film, if it was factory loaded film. If you want to
    sell, better keep the whole package intact as it is. <P>The brass
    cassette can load more film, but
    not as easy to use as the plastic ones, because you have to tape the
  3. Martin,
    I guess all of my cassettes are old ones; they all have to be taped. I
    find it most convient to prepare tape in the following manner: I have a
    roll of USPS label 106-A ; it's the tape that is a series of Priority
    Mail labels to wrap around boxes (the local postmaster gave it to me).
    It is quite thin and about 48 mm wide. I place a strip of it on a piece
    of old self-adhesive label liner making sure to lay it down smoothly
    and without much pressure. When spooling film I cut up several pieces
    about 3-4 mm wide. The tape peels off the liner easily and is just the
    right length to seal the sides of the film cassette or to attach the
    end of the film to the take-up spool.

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