Brand new 1D Mk IIn camera has spots all over images...

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by f1-fanatic, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. I decided to upgrade from my 10D to a new 1D Mk IIn. I brought the
    camera home, charged the battery and took some pics. Problem was
    when I brought them into PS CS2 I noticed something really wrong, the
    images had spots all over them. I plugged in the DC coupler and took
    a look and there isn't one hint of dust or anything else for that
    matter on the sensor glass.

    What do I do? Help!
  2. I bet it is dust... can you post an example with the camera settings (especially aperture)?
  3. Hi Norman, Can you post an example?
  4. It's very difficult to see... Should I crop a section out or post it as an image and link to the full size file?
  5. it's normal. just clean the sensor. better yet, go back the camera shop and they'll do it for you.
  6. Here is an EXAMPLE of what I am seeing. The image has been converted from RAW and saved as a Jpeg for reference and is full size. The spots I am referring to are mostly located in the upper left of the frame but can be found in other areas of the image as well. I have gently blown the sensor with the air from a bulb type duster and cannot see any debris or dust on the sensor plate at all.
  7. Even though it's not visible to the naked eye, it is there. It can be easily fixed with a sensor cleaning kit.
  8. It's just dust. Get used to cleaning the sensor because you're going to have to. It's way too expensive and inconvenient to have Canon or a camera store do it every few months (or days or weeks if you use the camera a lot in dusty conditions).

    See for some tips on dust removal
  9. Thanks for the help. I have experience cleaning the sensor on my 10D but would never have thought a camera would leave the factory like this. Moreover; I am surprised it's nothing that I can see... Thanks again for the help. Will let you know how it turns out.
  10. Wow, I've never seen so much dust on a sensor.
  11. is dust on the sensor... I have routinely cleaned my Canon 5D and Canon 10D sensors, using a PEC-PAD wrapped around a modified rubber spatula that has been carefully cut flat, rounded and smoothed.
    I start by carefully blowing off the sensor with a bulb blower, then I dip the PEC-PAD into methanol ("HPLC Grade" Methanol ... very high quality methanol) prior to touching the sensor. Then I gently "swab" the sensor from one side to the other, and then blow the sensor off again. I may (occasionally) need to repeat the process if there are dust specs remaining.
    To see the dust specs, I shoot against a white card at f/16-f22, slightly underexposing to get a light gray image...which makes any dust specs readily visible.
    Again, do this at your own risk. I won't advise you to try to clean your own sensor...but I have done so many times, and it is no longer a scary process!
    Richard Mitchell Touching Light Photography (Blog)
  12. I completely understand that this might be dust. Problem is, in the past I was able to see the crud on the sensor and the camera had 2+ years of shooting airshows and F1 racing where I changed my lenses in the most horrible of conditions. This camera came out of the box and produced these images as some of it's first! It actually left Canon this way? This leads me to believe it might be more than dust.. but if it is, WTF?
  13. Norman...any chance this camera was purchased and returned prior to your receiving it? My 5D arrived in pristine shape...but then again, I was on a waiting list and received mine at the store on September 29 last year, as one of the first to be shipped.
    Good Luck! I hope you get this resolved. Canon and/or the store you purchased from should certainly be told about this.
    Richard Mitchell
    Touching Light Photography
  14. Did you take the lens off, lock the mirror up, and stare lovingly at the sensor?

    Anyway, a quick sensor cleaning should cure this problem. Nothing to see here.
  15. Richard,

    Actually, the store was backordered and waiting on a shipment. I bought it and had the camera drop shipped to me while out of town. I never would have thought that the camera had problems but it was the people in the pro rental dept who I get my specialty glass from that suggested the possibility of it not being dust at all but maybe part of a bigger problem. This is when I panicked.


    I didn't stare lovingly at it.. But I did lock up the mirror and lick it a few times. ;)
  16. What aperture produces the dust spots? I typically only see dust spots at f/16 or smaller and I rarely shoot at those apertures.
  17. The first thing I purchased in anticipation of a new 5D is a dust cleaning kit. Now I am
    prepared and will not flinch when I open the box.
  18. Norman,
    I had the same problem when I bought my 1DMKII in January. I cleaned the sensor at least 8 times before it was all (mostly) gone. It is just one of those things I guess.
  19. Norman,
    I had the same problem when I bought my 1DMKII in January. I cleaned the sensor at least 8 times before it was all (mostly) gone. It is just one of those things I guess.
  20. Just a short note to say thanks to everyone who kept me from jumping to conclusions with regards to my sensor problem. After a thorough cleaning there still is only one extremely faint spot on the image and after shooting at both ends of the aperture spectrum have concluded that it can only be dust and not dead pixels. I just couldn't (and still cannot) believe that Canon would let a camera leave their factory like that... My 10D was in better shape after 2 years of shooting!

    Anyway I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who responded in such a quick and helpful manner. You guys are the best!

  21. Norman, I know what you mean. My 10D is the same way. I think that these cameras were handled more in the store before we bought them. I think alot f people want to handle these babies up close. I think that is why mine had alot of dust in it.

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