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  1. This is somewhat off-topic. I saw the Swedish movie Bröllopsfotografen (The Wedding Photographer) and found it somewhat funny. The IMDB entry:
    It's a comedy and photography is used strictly as a plot device, none of it is technically realistic at all. I don't know how difficult it is to find this film on DVD in any given part of the world, but it you can't, the (*cough*) intertubes may be your friends. The film is in Swedish and as far as I know it hasn't been dubbed, so it's subtitles for other languages.
  2. I live in the UK, but I thought I might use the *cough* intertubes to watch it, and there seem to be no Subtitles to overlay over it... I have the full movie in fabulous quality though! Now just to learn Swedish!...
  3. I finally watched the movie with a little bit of effort hunting things on the interwebs! It was somewhat funny, and I love insightful movies like this, fantastic colors and angles too. I have to say though, the title is a little misleading as the wedding photography aspect involves the first half hour and then it's pretty much irrelevant what sort of photographer he is, or if he is one at all as the whole storyline changes. So, if you want to see a funny, thoughtful, interesting foreign film then by all means jump right in! But don't expect to see a movie that is about the ups and downs of a wedding photographer (what I was expecting) but more of blip in the radar of a whole cast of interesting characters. Very good though.
  4. fantastic colors and angles
    Some of it looked very much as if it was sponsored by the City of Stockholm's tourism office... No complaints, though, it is a very beautiful city in real life, too and very thoroughly covered by Google Streetview, in case anyone wants to take a look.
    title is a little misleading as the wedding photography aspect involves the first half hour
    Yes, as I said, photography is used as a simple plot device. The guy pretty much fires the shutter at random, and the pictures are barely shown.

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