Bowens Calumet Halogen - don't want to start a fire

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  1. I would like to save a bit of money and not buy the name brand replacement modeling lights (at $30 or so apiece for a 250w halogen bulb).
    I believe the base for the travelite modeling light is the e-26 type? Does anyone know if this bulb would do the job or am I missing something in the specs? Cowboy Studio seems to have a similar bulb but it says something about 2-5 months to ship on those.
    Many thanks!
  2. Be mindful of shipping charges from some Amazon sellers.
    You may save $5.00 on the item, only to pay $10.00 more then others for shipping.
  3. I am lost here the bulbs sell for 9.68 each and 30. something for three and I used you web site address that you posted , and at B&H, their 14.00+ and the other B&H web page puts at 11.88 each : and a very good look on the page Indicates you can find them for 6.22 each:
    Like I said I am lost and they have 15 in stock:
  4. Marc and Lauren are correct. And like I said before wholesale electrical supply stores will be the cheapest route. Here is one at $5.90. BUT as Marc said the caveat is you will pay $10.91 in shipping so it will actually be $16.81.
    Your best bet is BH Photo which offers free shipping OR to find another electrical supply store with cheap shipping or one in your area where you can walk in and purchase.
    Halogen - Frost coated-250w 120v E26 mount

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