Bowen’s GM 500 pro and film

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by ron_black|2, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. I wondered if anyone can help me can I use Bowen’s GM 500 pro lights with film cameras and can they be triggered with infrared trigger
    Thanks a lot Ron
  2. Of course you can. They're just a source of light, but you won't be able to use the TTL facility, which is limited to a small range of digital cameras.
    I'm sure they can. Whether you can buy such a trigger off-the-shelf is another thing.
  3. You could use a flashgun on the camera to trigger them. If you don't want the flash from the gun to appear in the picture, tape a piece of exposed film over it, as it will block out visible light but transmit infrared.
  4. Sorry John, but I think you mean unexposed and processed colour transparency film? Or maybe fully fogged and processed colour negative? Either would probably do, but the reversal film will be more visually opaque.

    B&W film won't do the job. That cuts IR as much as visible light.

    Or you could simply put the hotshoe-mounted gun on low power and swivel it away from the subject and toward the strobe.
  5. Yes, thanks for clarifying this. I used a piece from the leader which had been exposed to light. Some flashguns like the little Nikon SB30 have a retractable filter for this purpose.
  6. thanks for the help everyone

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