"Bound for Glory" - FSA color photography 1939 - 1943

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  1. The NY Times had a piece on this today. Some very nice images,
    mostly Kodachrome. You need to register with the Times to read the
    article (its

    "Bound for Glory: America in Color, 1939-1943" opens Thursday at the
    Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, at 10 First
    Street SE in Washington, and runs through Nov. 26.

    The Topic Cops will make note of the fact that these images were
    generated exclusively with classic cameras.
  2. Kevin:

    Thanks for posting that--I tried your link and I didn't have to register. I only regret that there were just a few pics. I tried to go to the Library of Congress site that was referenced below the article, but no slide show option--too bad.

    Puts an interesting spin on life back then, when you see it in color--don't ask me why that should be so, but it seems more real.
  3. For those interested the Library of Congress has the entire colection (1,600 pictures) cateloged at http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/fsachtml/fsowhome.html

    Looking through the pictures presents a good feel for the camera/color film combination of 60 years ago (seems mostly 35mm slide). FYI, they have posted the full scans, not just screen res JPEGs, LOC is good about this.
  4. Andrew and Kevin: This is a fantastic collection. Once, you can "find" your way in, hours can be spent looking at the images. Too frigging bad that the library of Congress has made access to the actual collection itself so convoluted. Once you get to the images, however, their quality is stunning, and is a good mirror of social awareness in the thirties and forties.
  5. There's a book for sale. In fact, it came about two years ago. All the shots in the exhibit and the book come from the same source, and all of them were made with Kodachrome.

    I wish Kodak saw the light in this circumnstance... It'd be a nice marketing ploy. Only problem: they'd be preaching to the choir.

    Thanks for posting, Kevin!
  6. If you liked those, you'll also like Charles Cushman's Kodachrome photos from 1939 to 1969 [many taken with a Contax IIa] at:


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