bought BRGN 1v hs from KEH; should i be worried?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jati_lindsay, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. hello all. i recently bought a bargain-listed 1v hs from keh. checking out how
    many rolls have been through it, the counter says one-hundred something. judging
    from the scratches and nicks on the outside, id say i should add a thousand to
    that number. im running my first roll through it now. i bought another bargain
    1v from keh a few months ago, and it had 500 rolls through it already. it works
    perfectly. this one has double, so im wondering if i should be over-worried
    about anything. shutter looks pristine. it feels fine, everything works on it.
    im not REALLY that worried about it, but i thought id ask anyway. ive bought
    20-30 year old leicas without really even thinking about how many rolls went
    through them, so maybe theres no reason to worry. it just makes you think about
    it more when you can actually see how many rolls have been through a body.
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    Your best bet if worried is to have it CLA'd. Scratches & nicks on the outside of the body don't necessarily correlate to the number of rolls run thru the camera...the key is how well it functions and the condition of the lenses (if purchased as part of the deal). I must say, I never in almost 50 years of photography, have worried how many rolls of film went thru any of the cameras I've purchased.
  3. I have bought many items from KEH of all grades. Never had a problem. If you are in the 14 day return period or the 60 day warranty period, work whatever it is so you can be sure it is OK.

    They are a good outfit to do business with.
  4. Let's say it's a thousand rolls, and they were all 36-exposure rolls. That's 36 000 shutter activations. The 1V's shutter is designed to last 150 000 activations, so the shutter is still young. The rest of the camera is also designed to be robust and durable.
  5. Well, KEH's idea of BGN is most dealer's EXC+. In other words they're very conservative with their ratings. On the other hand with any "professional" camera there is the possibility that a lot of rolls were run through it. I wouldn't worry.
  6. I have bought 2 things from KEH (not including lens caps and smaller items)

    -Canon 28-70 Mk I 3.5

    -Sigma 14mm 3.5

    Both of which I was completely unsatisfied with,

    The 28-70 stopped working on the first day that I received it and when I returned it they
    have horrible return set up, even
    after you send your item in and they receive it take 2-3 weeks for it to be processed and
    they returned the wrong amount to me and never corrected it.

    The Sigma 14mm one of the lens elements was very very hazy...unacceptably hazy...

    If you buy anything from them, test it IMMEDIATELY!
  7. I would not be worried.

    I bought a BGN 1V from KEH almost exactly two years ago. It had some brassing on the
    body and about 850 rolls through it (acording to the three digit counter, anyway). I have
    since put around 300 more rolls through it, and I have had no problems at all. It's a
    beautiful camera. It does as much or as little as you would like, and everything is right
    where it should be. Except for mirror lock-up, but I digress...

    Also, my experience with their returns department has been better than Jon's. I returned a
    lens I didn't like right at the 14 day mark and they didn't give me any hassles. He's right
    that it can take a few weeks for them to process the return and to get your money back,
    but I got the right amount and got it when they said it would arrive.

    I like KEH. I like my BGN 1V. I wouldn't worry.
  8. I bought a BRGN 1VHS 2 years ago from KEH and never had problem with it. They also give you a period of time to return it if you see issues with the camera.

    The 1VHS I got is alittle scratched here and there on the body, but the inside is really clean. Just to share my experience...
  9. Jati, I've purchased bargain grade gear from KEH that continues to function long after. BTW,
    nice website.

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