Bought a used D700 and 24-70 that needs repair. . . Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by lifeson, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. I just picked up a D700 and 24-70 online used at a pretty good price, knowing that the lens had some scratches and was not in perfect condition. Everything came in today, and I can clearly see that the glass is fine, no scratches, but the zoom ring is caught, very stiff, and that when focusing the lens, I am not able to move the focus points using the D700 controls. The barrel and base ring are also very loose. Should I try and repair, or just send back and wait till I can afford close to a new one? The D700 is in 'ok' condition, haven't checked the shutter count yet - will do that when I get home. But basically got both of these for the price of a new D700 body. Thoughts?
  2. From all you say, Gene, you definitely seem to have a problem with the lens. I would be slow to spend good money trying to refurbish it, but it may be worthwhile getting a professional opinion on that. If you are unable to move the focus points using the AF Direction Pad, it may well be that the camera itself has a malfunction. If the camera, on inspection, proves to be in good condition, perhaps you could get it alone at a nicely reduced price.
  3. Yeah, it was locked (DOH), and I should have realized that. BUT, the barrel is definitely jammed a bit, and loose. I paid $2850 for both the lens and body, and the camera seems in good working order save for a ding or two on the bottom, but I use the MB-10, so that takes care of that. No lens OR body caps, so I have to get those. Here are some pics. . .
  4. I would be wary of future problems with the camera.... After a drop faults can occur from the impact at a later date.
  5. Looks like it was dropped and dragged or dropped from a moving vehicle.
  6. Everything seems fine on the camera itself, and there are no scratches on the glass whatsoever. It's just the lens case itself that seems to be the issue. Any more thoughts? I have a few days to return it, I know that picking this up 'as new' would be a heck of a lot more expensive than this.
  7. Because I am so cheap, I would certainly look into the repair bills at a independent repairer ...
    I cannot afford a flash set up like this new or used now maybe in good condition used when it is like 7yrs old :D Heck, I got my D2h mid 2009.
  8. Wow! That looks like it was an ugly incident... I would assume the photographer was critically injured when the truck hit him. You might want to check the local hospitals.
    when focusing the lens, I am not able to move the focus points using the D700 controls​
    Have you tried another lens? Can you move the focus point at all (assuming it wasn't just locked)?
    It's hard for me to imagine that an impact like that didn't do all sorts of damage to the internals of the D700. I'll be interested to see what you find when you do a full test of the body. On the other hand, it's a great conversation starter -- I imagine you'll get a lot of questions about your experiences covering the Marines in Afghanistan.
  9. No doubt. The body doesn't look bad at all except for that one ding. . . And yes, I'll get everything checked out, just waiting back from the seller to make sure that he'll let me assess everything before committing to anything. I don't need the best looking gear, but it all has to work. As I said, the MB-10 connected fine to the unit, the mirror looks good, all th internal electronics are responding pretty well. Going to check the shutter count when I get home. If the repairs add up to a couple hundred on the lens, I still think I came up kind of strong.
  10. I would have them both checked out by Nikon service or Nikon authorized service center and get estimate. Then decide which is cheaper, this pair or any alternatives. If you don't have time for that, then I would return them.
  11. pge


    i have to be honest with you, i would avoid this whole package. In my world $2850 is a very big price just to buy your way into someone elses problem.
  12. hey, it looks like you're determined to get your head beat in on this deal... don't let any of us stop you!
  13. I would return it without hesitation. It clearly have recived a big impact, (big enougth to break the magnesium body). You will not be able to resell it and you are not sure if it will failure soon or not. To me 2800$ is extremely expensive for a material in such a bad condition. I think the seller was extremely lucky that this gear is still functioning so he could sell it. But obviouslly he decided to let it go as soon as posible.
    I think is much worthy to pay more and but something with, at least, some garantie that will last for years.
  14. Then again.. I prob return it.
    $3,000 approx is a lot of money. I rather get it for $2000 used in a few yrs..... :D one that is working properly with more clicks
  15. Between amzn and eby you can purchase this same combo in "like new" condition for 3300 USD. (Of course this is not a guarantee that the description is accurate.) With accessories.
    I would stay away from the kit you've described become of the potential repair cost, regardless of an examination by a technician. Repair estimates are estimates until they open the lens. And there may be future issues currently unknown.
    Even if the repair cost is only a "couple hundred" dollars", you're bumping against the price I quoted. FYI I dropped a different lens, an 85mm f/1.4 last year and it cost over 300 USD to repair. Of course, the required repair may be different. (And this lens still looks brand new. After repairing the lens you've bought, it will still look like a mess)
    Second, if you intend to sell it someday, it may be difficult to get much money out of it. Most buyers will be put off by its appearance.
  16. i'd stay away from this too. considering the amount of physical damage it looks like its taken, they should be selling it for alot less than $2800. i'd rather buy a new body for 2800. wouldn't come with a lens, but given the beating that lens has taken, i'd stay away from it.
  17. ALL the comments are most appreciated, I had the local authorized repair group here in Jersey and they checked the body and said it was in great shape except for the nick at the bottom. The lens repair work will go for $300. Going to check with the seller to see if they will cover repairs. If not, then a return will be in full swing. There have been 11000 clicks on the shutter.
  18. I think a lot of money on camera in this state. I think it's best to abandon the idea and find another camera. On EBAY there are many opportunities
  19. I really wouldn't touch any of it - particularly the lens. I dropped my D700 and 24-70mm when the camera was about 3 days old. The repair at Nikon UK was well over GBP 1000 and most of that was to sort out the lens - the helicoid needed changing amongst other things. The lens was cosmetically perfect too after the fall unlike the train smash you're looking at.
    The more I think about it the worse this sounds. Really, really walk away.
  20. With that sort of wear it should be cheaper than $2850.
    A $300 lens repair is cheaper than I thought it would be though. Are they firm on that price? If they start work and find it will take longer than expected could the repair cost go up?
  21. Return it and walk away.
  22. Looks like a bit more than 'a little nick' to the body and that lens has a big gouge taken out of it. But I can see that you really want to believe. Everything might work out well if you wish really hard. Between you and me I think you're being a bit greedy.
  23. I'm with everyone else here - that is one ugly smash on the lens and the bottom of the body. If you're spending that much money on something, wouldn't you want piece of mind - and not just a bargain?
    Walk away.
  24. Gene, This body and lens combination right now/brand new from B&H will run you roughly $4,100. If it were me, a $1,200 discount to accept this level of damage wouldn't cut it...over the course of ownership you could easily spend that or more in repairs as problems manifest themselves. Perhaps after obtaining some estimates you could negotiate a lower price in lieu of a full refund...I actually did that very thing with an old TLR I bought years ago and the seller was happy to work with me.
  25. Add my voice to the chorus. Let it go. There are better deals out there if you look, and this one looks like a giant pile of potential headaches from the photos you've posted.
  26. If I can chime in, that looks like a nasty fall from some height. I've known of a friend who dropped his D700 and 80-200/2.8 from about 3 feet with damage to the hot shoe and just the UV filter. Everything else worked fine after replacement of the hot shoe. But then again, the lens and the body of the camera did not show any dent or scratch from that height. So if there is this significant fall from a much greater height to show itself as so, the cost of repair and acquisition relative to the price of a new set maybe much more than what headache you may encounter later on when the electronics start blinking in your camera.
  27. I saw that camera on ebay, I was tempted to bid on it, but I had second thoughts after looking at the damage. Although the lens look ok, I couldn't help wonder if there was a single incident that put that camera in that condition. It looked like it might have been dropped from a moving vehicle. It was a great price, but you may want to check if there is any hidden damage. I would have a camera shop check the internal parts and see how much it would cost to repair the lens. If it's not worth the investment, then I would send it back. I know that lens is a very expensive lens, just by itself.
  28. Gene, I didn't notice your post above, if you can get the lens fixed for $300 and the camera checks out ok, keep it! It's a great deal.
  29. Saw the pics, OUCH!! Send it deal! OUCH!
  30. The damage on the bottom of the camera doesn't look too bad. The D700 has quite a rugged body and camera bodies are virtual throw aways as they depreciate so much; a lot like computers. I would certainly try another lens on it though and make sure that everything works okay. If the body checks out okay then really it comes down to the lens and how much it will cost to fix. I would get a firm quote as you want to make sure about that as $300 seems a little on the light side looking at the damage to the lens.
  31. I'd have passed on this combo at $1,500, forget about nearly $3k. Return it no matter what. You'll be able to afford this combo. Maybe not today, but someday relatively soon. A used kit with no damage won't be much more than you paid already. Wait until the D700x (or whatever the next iteration is) is released, and scoop up a pristine D700 from someone who is selling.

    Seriously, return it.
  32. That setup is in very ugly condition. The price seems very high IMHO. resale will be even lower if you keep it. If some else breaks later because of weaken condition you will be without the piece again. You can get this combo for $4,140 brand new USA from B&H. I don't consider this a very good deal at all.
  33. Carl Becker is very diplomatic: I consider this deal a total rip-off. Run!
  34. Gosh, I would be very tempted to send it back.
  35. Dude, get your money back. That deal sucks. For that kind of money, you could do much, much better.
  36. The rough zoom ring is quite common with this lens. I had to send my brand new one in twice.
  37. Was the combo purchased from an individual or a business? Did they explain the damage or at least describe it fully before the deal was done?
  38. The apparent cosmetic damage is only a part of the problem. The real damage goes much deeper, and won't necessarily present itself right away. Whatever caused that extensive damage has left microscopic damage throughout the body. Think about a car that's been t-boned by a truck. You can straighten out the chassis and replace a few body panels. But every single element on the entire vehicle is now weakened because of the accident. The kind of damage you are showing on the lens will typically cut it's resale value in HALF. Maybe 2/3 for the camera. I would think a fair price for the combo is around $2300, especially when you consider that you have to perform repairs just to get it to working condition. You got taken.
    Consider this: For only $2400 you could have bought a BRAND NEW D700, and still had $450 for a lens. You could have bought a Tamron 28-75mm brand new for $350, and still had $100 left over. Everything would have been new. I would definitely take a Tamron brand new over the Nikon in ROAD-RASH condition, and have a brand new body to match.
  39. There are more than cosmetics at play here. Pro level cameras are sealed against moisture and dust, making them reliable in most any environment. Your camera has lost its inert protection. Dust is your cameras enemy, not to mention you could potentially be allowing light in, perhaps its not visible in normal lighting situations, but what happens in a really bright environment, will light leaks, dust or moisture affect your images? What about the irritating snags as the body catches your shirt, or other incovieniences? Lastly, do you really want to explain to everyone that you didn't drop your camera, you bought it damaged?
    Good luck with all that.
  40. Return it. Don't make it your problem. Even if you keep it and use it, you may not be able to sell it and even if you do, you may not get much for it.
  41. YIKES!!!! I hope you are not going to be using that for any type of paid gig?!
  42. ShunCheung

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    Consensus is rare on this forum. I assume the OP gets the message by now; there is no need to pile on.
  43. If you have return rights, use them immediately.
    My D700 with 24-70mm fell out of a camera bag (don't ask), at about five feet, hit the edge of a coffee table, and then a concrete floor with a commercial rug over it. Hit the front edge of the 24--70. Yours obviously had a much more violent impact than mine. Mine looked totally better than what you have. The 24-70 had a protective filter and lens cap which took the brunt. I sent the lens to Nikon, on Long Island, and the total bill for repair (replaced the front element whose lip was slightly bent and fractured) was $305. Even before the repair, the lens still functioned perfectly, focused automatically and manually just fine. Your lens does function internally and it has a very, very rude looking bash on the edge of the front element housing.
    My D700 does not have a scratch - nada, and it functions perfectly. Yours on the other hand does have a pretty rough looking impact and scrape mark. It looks like the door does not fit properly any more, and it looks like body panels are separated. Even if the various internal parts, screw mount focus motor, shutter and motor drive, seem to work, what is the status of electrical connections? Worse, what is the alignment of the sensor to the lens mount? What kind of environmental intrusions will be possible now?? It's snowing here, and I'm thinking of going out there with mine. I would not dare with yours.
    These are precision instruments. Used is only good if done from a reputable seller, and there a darn few of those on this planet. KEH, or B&H come to mind. Get rid of it and consider it a lesson learned.
  44. One more thing, sorry.
    But, that lens is not capable of taking filters. The filter threads are ripped right off a portion of the front element housing. No polarizer shots for that baby, and no holder for grad filters.
    My bet is that such ability was something you would want to be doing at some point.
  45. You have got to be kidding! This set-up looks as though it was thrown against a wall. $2800??? Return it immediately
  46. Hi, sorry to let you down, but you have to return this asap. didnt read the date probably you havedone already. the magnesium alloy is very very strong. so this is a result from dropping from a moving vehicle into concrete or user was runned over by a car.. get a d300 until you can afford a better d700.
  47. from the looks of it you should return it immediately and pick up a used camera from
    i was thinking about getting a d700 but couldnt fine a good price. so i settle down on a d2x from for 1079 used plus i had enough money for a 70-200vr 1 .. gene sory to say but the camera looks like hell and u want to do repair work thats crazy .
  48. Gene, to be blunt, both the body and lens are junk. As others have mentioned, the damage to this set up is the result of being dragged behind something!!! Return ASAP!
  49. I wonder what happened to Gene. He seems to have dropped off. I hope he's ok.
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    It has been over 2 days since Gene posted last time. I am sure he appreciates everybody's attempt to help. The real answer is fairly obvious; whether that is what Gene wants to hear or not I don't know.
    As I said earlier, consensue is very uncommon on this forum. Perhaps I'll close this thread for a little while. There is no point to pile on the same answer over and over.
  51. gene, please let us know that you have returned the items before shun shuts this down. we are all friends here so we don't like you to be taken advantaged of.
    we all know the feeling of wanting and getting something we truly desire, biting the bullet when opportunities like this happen. but looking at your purchase, you can do better by saving a little bit more.
  52. And now, something completely different: Return the camera and lens.
    (I couldn't resist, don't you love Monty Python?)
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    It looks like Gene has decided to return everything as everybody has suggested. I have asked him to post a follow up here himself. Apparently the lens was so damaged that even Nikon said they could not fix it.
    Gene Szucs [​IMG], Mar 01, 2010; 02:17 p.m.
    Sorry about the late reply getting back to everyone, your message didn't fall on deaf ears, the camera and lens are going bye-bye back to the vendor. It was a risk, probably one I shouldn't have taken to begin with, but lesson learned. Now, I need to track down another D700 and lens combo once this refund goes through. . . Thanks to everyone's input, I really appreciate the feedback. Hopefully I'll be sharing some new images very soon once this mess is sorted out​
  54. Yup, as hard as my head is sometimes, it's hard to overlook all the common sense. . . Thanks again for everyone's insight, I'm really dissapointed in myself that I didn't use better judgement and now have to find an alternate route to pursue my craft. Thanks again, everyone, that D700/Tamron 28-75 is looking like a pretty good combo right now. , ,
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    Gene, thanks a lot for the follow up. Good luck.

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