Boston / NewEngland Hunt Photo Sale

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by gerry_szarek, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. Good morning, I got the flier on Saturday, they will have the M8 for sale
    under list with another discount. Dates Oct 27 to 29th.
  2. Gerry,-- Just where IS this sale?

    Why should I have to hunt for it?

  3. Hunts is a regional (New England) camera store chain.
  4. <<<Why should I have to hunt for it? >>

    It\'s a hunt sale. Don\'t you guys read nothin.
  5. Hunts is in Boston, Cambridge, Melrose (the main store), and Hadley, MA - South Portland, ME, and Providence, RI. I don't know if all stores are having sales, but I would assume they are. At the very least I know Providence and Melrose are. I intend to check it out, it should be interesting.
  6. What's interesting about it is they "claim" to have the M8 for sale, not a presale, you actually can get the real thing! Plus the usual Canon, Nikons, etc. I will be at the Melrose store sometime on Saturday.

  7. I called someone at Hunts and he told me the sale was a rebate, of approximately $200 to $300.

    The tax on these bodies is around $350, so it seems that they're trying to preempt people from buying mail order from NY.

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