Borken AF/MF Ring on the 200mm/f4 AF-D Macro

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by shuncheung, Apr 24, 2005.

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    The plastic AF/MF selection ring on my 200mm/f4 AF-D macro is broken. There was a thread on this issue in the Nature Forum 6 years ago. Apparently it is a very common problem on this lens.
    I am wondering whether anybody has this problem repaired. My 200mm macro is a gray-market one so that Nikon USA won't touch it. Since their repair cost is so high, I am looking for another repair shop anyway. It should be a simple part replacement, but you need to take the lens apart to do so.
  2. I highly, highly recommend Nikon's former Midwest service facility, Authorized Photo Service in Morton Grove, Illinois, who, even as an independent, remain a Nikon-only shop. They do excellent work and fast. And my own experience is that they won't fuss about grey market vs. USA, they'll just get on with the repair. I have one grey market lens because at the time I bought it every dealer in the country was out of the USA version so I had no choice, yet the grey ones were plentiful. Anyway, it needed repair a couple of years ago and APS fixed it without any complaint on the grey market thing, and at reasonable cost.
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    A lot of people such as Conni, Alex, etc. have highly recommended Authorized Photo Service in Morton Grove, IL. I'll check them out.

  4. Shun, time for you to go pro. ;)

    Piece of duct tape, 1/4 inch wide, 2 inches long. Change every year or two.

    Have advanced fix it a few years down the road, when it needs a full CLA.
  5. The only shop I use for Nikon is Authorized Photo Repair in Morton Grove. The service is outstanding.
  6. You might also check out Southern Photo Technical Service,
    16781 North Miami Ave., N. Miami Beach, Florida 33169. They are a Nikon Authorized service center. Particularly for what seems like a routine repair of this type, they might be worth asking for an estimate, as in my experience their rates are quite reasonable.
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    Just want to double check: we are talking about Authorized Photo Service with this web site, right?
    They are at 8120 N. Lehigh Avenue in Morton Grove, Illinois. That is a different street address from the one I had before. Maybe they have moved recently.
    Over the phone they quoted me either $160 or $220 to fix the lens, depending on what they need to do. Again, this is a simple part replacement, but since you need to take the lens apart, it involves a lot of labor.
    This is clearly a design flaw in the lens. Nikon shouldn't use a plastic part to move some mechanical parts to engage/disengage AF on a non AF-S lens. That is why this problem happens on so many 200mm/f4 AF-D's. I don't mind to get it fixed this time, but I am sure that the problem will come back in a few years. I sure don't feel like spending $200 on this lens once every few years.
  8. Shun, the ring on mine broke at least four or five years ago. I immediately sent it to Nikon for repair and received it back in about six weeks. I have used it extensively since then and the replacement ring has not broken. I suspect that Nikon replaced the original with a ring of different material but I can't prove it.
  9. a blast from the past.

    The ring on mine is still cracked but it never broke completely. There is a local camera repair place near me which is where I will bring it when it finally breaks. Of course, I'm contemplating switching over to the other brand which means I may have to get it fixed before selling it.
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    Now two weeks and $200 later, I just got my lens back from Authorized Photo Service. I sent it on Tuesday two weeks ago via FedEx, they received it on Thursday, gave me a final quote over the phone on Saturday and then shipped it back to me on the following Wednesday via FedEx Ground. I just received the lens back. It only took them two days to fix it; that is a lot faster than Nikon USA repair service. As far as I can tell so far, they did a fine job. I got a lower quote from another repair shop, but since so many people suggested APS, I decided to go with them. They didn't care that my lens is gray market.
    Thanks again to Daniel, Edward, and Alex for their suggestion on APS.

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