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Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by harrybaker, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Has anyone in the UK used Boots Processing for Boots pre-paid slide film recently? I haven't used this service
    before but sent off a film on Oct 10. All I want to know is what their turnaround time is. I've heard nothing and
    the phone number just doesn't answer and emails not responded to.
  2. Sorry to hear you tale Harry, but Boots, like many high street operations, contract out their slide processing and everything will be done on the cheap to keep the costs down, including postage. I can't explain how any business can have the cheek to take so long but they'll probably turn up eventually. Treat it as an experience and use a lab that specialises in slide processing - you'll have to pay a bit more but have your film back in 3 or 4 days.
  3. In the future you might want to check out The Darkroom UK ( for E6 processing. They do mounted 35mm 36exp slides for £5.45 iirc -- it's freepost to them and that price includes return postage. Their turnaround time is usually next day, so if you send it on a Monday and it gets there on a Tuesday, you'll likely get them back on Wednesday.

    I've been happy with their E6 processing for 35mm and 120.

    Not as keen on their b+w processing but I tend to do that myself and I am picky on that but E6 wise they're great in my book.

    FWIW, I sent off an old Fuji processing voucher about the same time as you and I've not had mine back yet. Does seem rather a long time. In the future as much as I advocate supporting local shops (although Boots is not local kind of local) -- you might be better off buying from - getting your slide film cheap that way and processing via The Darkroom.

    When you get them back though, I hope you're pleased with them :)
  4. Sent a process-paid film off maybe a week ago (October 2009), in original mailer (Boots Colour Laboratory, PO Box 32, Bury, Lancs. BL9 5SB) - large letter rate. Has just come back unopened with Royal Mail sticker "We were unable to deliver this item because...addressee has gone away" and dated 30/10. Humph! Anyone got a recommendation?
  5. Philip, the number to contact is 01926 463107 - fuji in warwick (fuji process boots slide film). i can't remember what address i sent my slide film to but the phone number on the receipt doesn't work but that one in warwick does.
  6. A few years later I know, but Boots E6 colour 35mm slide films (process paid) can now be sent to:
    Boots Processing Laboratory, PO Box 3679, Warwick, CV34 6ZH.
    I spoke to them on the phone a couple of days ago (01926 463100, customer enquiries selection (1)) and got this address.
    Apparently about 10 or more years ago Fuji addressed return process paid envelopes were incorrectly put in Boots process paid 35mm E6 film boxes.
    Fuji in the UK gave me the above number. They also told me that Fuji have never processed Boots slide films. Fuji got back to me with the above info after I emailed their consumer films/professional email address from their UK website (contacts page).
    Am sending 2 old films to this address. Will post how I get on.

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